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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Your January Horoscope by Susan Miller

Virgo certainly has not had it easy in 2007, not with a series of eclipses forcing your old life into history while launching your new life rapidly into orbit. Many Virgos saw long-standing relationships dissolve, almost overnight, although in hindsight you might admit that this was a long time coming. Eclipses, such as the ones that you experienced in March and late August of last year, had the ability to change life in a blink of an eye. In truth the eclipses were testing the strength of your closest ties. Those relationships that were strong came through the test quite easily, but those that showed weak links either had to be salvaged or were jettisoned rapidly.

If you saw a relationship dissolve, or have a strong alliance that has been a little dull, know that a brand new day is dawning. Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, is now firmly ensconced in your true love sector and will remain there during the whole coming year. Jupiter entered your true love sector of your chart last month on December 18, and will stay until January 5, 2009. From now on, Jupiter will see to it that you shift from being the sign unluckiest in love, to the one that will be the luckiest of all.

Watch what occurs in the two weeks that follow the new moon, January 8. This new moon is full of sparkle, for it will send a sweet communication to Uranus, the planet of surprise, currently traveling in your house of commitment. This means if you're single you have a fantastic ability to meet someone new in the weeks ahead, one of your best opportunities ever! After all, you have Jupiter, the good fortune planet, helping you!

January is special because you will have the new moon, always an important ingredient. You also have the ruler of your house of true love, Saturn, in Virgo, meaning you will almost literally be able to draw that new person to you, as if by hypnotic spell. Virgo is always modest, but don't underestimate your charms! They are awesomely powerful now!

At this new moon - signifying fresh starts - you should see solid proof that romantic love is just around the corner. Let your friends make introductions. In fact, you should badger them this month into doing so! Have your first meeting on any day from January 8 - 17. Your very best days will be January 9, 11, 15, 16, and 17.

If you are attached, you will be able to revive even the most tired relationship. Indeed, of all the months of 2008, January should be your best for romance, and that's true whether you're married, dating, or single.

A focus on a child you have now, or a pregnancy, could easily be on your mind too, as the same house rules matters related to childcare. The influence should be very beneficial. Even in a worst case scenario - you've not been able to "reach" your teenager, or you are in a divorce and worried about your children's welfare - you have so many reasons to be optimistic. Be comforted in knowing that this year your children will be protected, and if you need to form a bond with a child, you can. Don't let past disappointments enter your mind - this is a completely new situation, so know that you are starting fresh.

Indeed, in so many ways, January should restore your faith in the power of love. When Venus comes into this same part of your chart on January 24 for a month's stay (until February 18), you'll get weeks of Venus' loving attention. This would be an ideal phase to schedule a fresh update for your looks. After all, your profile is rising, and others will notice you. At the very least, get advice from an expert or friends - you'll want to set out on the right, stylish foot, for sure!

In case you don't "get" how earth-shatteringly special this trend will be, there is more evidence that it is! What I am about to tell you brings even more headline news. Pluto will make a monumental move into this same area of your chart on January 25, proving that love can, and will, bring a positive transformation in years to come. As is often the case with big, powerful planets when they move into a new part of the chart, Pluto will come in to give you a preview, then retrograde out of Capricorn (its new sign) in the middle part of the year, and then move back in late November 2008, this time to stay for an astonishing fifteen years.

Virgos with birthdays that are in August will feel Pluto and Jupiter's rays benefic rays first, but rest assured, as these planets move through all mathematical degrees of the sign, every member of the sign will have their day.

Pluto is considered one of the most powerful planets in our solar system because it moves so slowly. It takes approximately 246 years to circle the Sun and all twelve signs of the zodiac. The last time this planet visited Capricorn, and therefore Virgo's 5th house of true love, it was in the era of the American Revolution, 1762. As you see, the emphasis on love, children, and creativity is no passing fancy, but a long-term trend that will have enormous staying power. Since Pluto brings intense experiences, if you do fall in love under this trend, it is likely to be quite an intense, all-encompassing experience!

Let's not forget that Jupiter is in your house of true love as of last month and will stay a full year. My goodness! Having just one of these planets - Jupiter or Pluto - would be enough to make a big splash, but you have BOTH!

Jupiter's influence is much lighter, more optimistic and happy - Jupiter won't insist you make as much of an effort to find love. Jupiter will act like your kind uncle who is anxious to introduce you to all the eligible romantic interests he can find to get you happily involved and married off (if the latter is something that interests you). If you are married already, then Jupiter will see to it that you both have more fun together. Jupiter will also focus on the bambinos. If you hope for a baby, this is great news. If you have children, Jupiter will protect them.

All these areas are being accented now that the Sun and new moon are in Capricorn too, so watch what develops just after the new moon appears on January 8. The moon is sleepy on January 8 (void of course) so you are best to begin paying attention on January 9.

If you have a birthday that falls on September 10, plus or minus five days, you will benefit most from the new moon that falls January 8. Remember, however, that you may have other planets touched by this new moon, so you don't necessarily have a birthday that falls at this time.

A creative effort or hobby that you are serious about may also play a much larger than usual role in your life in January, as well as in the coming year. The need to self-express will become a theme that will grow louder and more urgent as the year progresses. You have a lot to give from within, dear Virgo, and it's time you gathered up your courage to show your talents to the world.

On January 21, Saturn and Jupiter will make a beautiful aspect, helping you stabilize in a big way your love life and the decisions you have about children. This is a four-star day, so use it for your most important initiations. (If you are getting engaged, you may want to use the day prior, Sunday, January 20, when the energy will be building toward its apex.)

Protect your health at all times now that you have Saturn in Virgo, a long trend that will last until October 2009. The eclipses that I mentioned at the start of your report not only will shine a light on relationship weak links, but also on health issues. Those Virgos who have to be the most vigilant are those born on or near August 30 as Saturn is now at 8 degrees of Virgo, and the current Virgo-Pisces eclipses are (and were in August 2007) in early degrees as well.

If you have a health concern, know that the universe is not trying to upset you but to be your friend. If you have a health issue, simply have it addressed. You have Jupiter in perfect angle to your Sun, a HUGE advantage. Jupiter trine the Sun is considered one of the most positive placements possible for healing, and even for miracles, should you need one.

This month you may find you're running yourself down with all you have to do near the full moon, January 22. If you feel the sniffles coming on, pour yourself a glass of fresh squeezed juice and vow to slow down and get more rest.

Your career could not be going better. Mars has been retrograde in your professional sector since November 15, but once the Red Planet turns direct on January 30, you should see an important stepped-up change of pace that pleases you. You've gone through a period when seemingly everyone has been indecisive and out of touch - that had to have been frustrating. That period almost forced you to reevaluate your assumptions and sharpen your priorities. Now, with a clearer vision, you'll find it easier to succeed. Also, Mars rules your 8th house of other people's money - financially you will see a gratifying uplift of events. If you are trying to untangle a financial problem (say, with a credit card company or insurance company), you will find it easier and quicker to do so.

That said, Mercury, your ruler, is about to retrograde on January 28 until February 17, causing just about everything next month to fall into a slo-mo funk. The good part about a Mercury retrograde period is that you will have the time to go back to old projects that were abandoned for lack of time. You will also have time to look at your present projects with fresh eyes. While the world slows down to a crawl, as is always the case with Mercury in retrograde, question your most basic assumptions concerning a current project. You may find a faulty assumption that puts the project in jeopardy that you can now fix.

You may have to redo a number of projects, but as a Virgo, the idea of having time to polish up your work appeals to you, so you should deal well with the coming phase. After all, "perfecting" things is what you are all about.

With less on your agenda, you'll find it easy to attend to things that you've had to put off, and to catch up with people you've not seen in a long time.

Mercury will retrograde in your 6th house, a sector that not only rules work but also health, and these are both areas that may require a closer look. I just discussed work projects, but health may also require a redo. If you have had problems with a medical diagnosis, for example, you can now go back and get a second opinion. If you need an operation, do your best to have it prior to January 22, keeping as much space from Mercury retrograde as possible. We can't always choose the date, so if you find yourself in an urgent situation, then just do it. You do have help from Jupiter, after all!

Normally, you would be able to resume activity a few days after Mercury turns direct, in this case, a few days after Mercury turns direct on February 17. (It is never good to act on the DAY it turns direct, for the start and end dates of a retrograde are always the very worst dates.)

Still, this time I need you to wait longer because in February we have two eclipses coming up, one in Aquarius on February 6 and one in Virgo on February 20. (The latter one will affect those Virgos who are born at the end of August). I strongly advise you not to resume making any big decisions until you see what these eclipses bring. That means it would be best to set your eyes on March as the month to begin making your most important initiations and announcements.

To be clear, you can make important initiations this month, from the start of January through January 22, but after that, I would like you to wait. The eclipse in Virgo will be a full moon lunar eclipse on February 20, the last one in a series of eclipses that that began two years ago, on March 15, 2006. (Eclipses come in pairs, arriving every five-and-a-half months.) The current eclipses have been in the family of Virgo-Pisces, but a new series is emerging in Leo-Aquarius, allowing you to rest from all the sudden news that eclipses are generally known to bring.

Are you interested in freshening up the decor of your home? Venus will be sending loving, beautifying vibes from January 1 to 23, a perfect time to make those changes.

The month will end on a beautiful note. Venus is about to have her annual lunch with Jupiter on February 1, making January 30 - 31, equally special. These two darling planets will meet in your house of true love. How lucky can you get? Not only will love dazzle, but so will travel, relationships with people abroad, publishing, and broadcasting ventures - and your income, too! My goodness!

If you were born near August 31 - September 1, you will hit the jackpot as these planets will reach out to the mathematical degrees of your Sun. You will enjoy a double dip of pleasure, and for sure, Valentine's Day will arrive two weeks early for you!

In all, your most romantic moments this month will be: January 9, 11, 15 - 17, 24, 25, 29 - 31, and February 1.


You have one of the very best outlooks for finding new love, not only for January, but also for the whole year, and even for years to come! Dear Virgo, if you have suffered in love in the past, wipe the slate clean, for the universe is about to make a huge correction for you. If your love life's been good, get ready to see it get GREAT! Every Virgo of every age and gender will benefit.

Last month, Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, entered your 5th house of true love on December 18, to stay for twelve months. This is the first time Jupiter has been in your house of love in twelve years - since 1996 - because Jupiter spends one year in each sign as it makes its way through the zodiac. That alone would be headline news, but there's more!

Pluto, the planet of transformation and rejuvenation, will make its first appearance of your life in this same sector on January 25. Pluto will spend fifteen years in your love sector, not only increasing your chances for love, but also supporting your health and your creativity.

You will be especially lucky in love this month because the Sun will be traveling through this part of your chart, as well as the new moon, January 8. From that critical date onward, begin to circulate as much as you can if you are single. This gorgeous new moon will send a message to Uranus, so if you do meet, it will happen suddenly, as a complete surprise, and possibly even in an odd way. You may find you are at precisely the right place at the right time.

If you are married, plan for a fun month with your mate. If you want children, this is a prime month to try. If you have had problems with conception, see a doctor immediately - this month is simply magic.

If your home needs a little lift, look for new accessories, furniture, or linens, or plan a renovation for the time between January 1 and 23 when Venus will ensure gorgeous results.

Throughout the year, make sure you treat yourself well, as Saturn is pressing down on you, adding responsibilities and making demands on your time. If a health concern comes up now or at the time of the eclipse next month, February 20, address it quickly, as you have so much cosmic support to help you heal or find relief. The full moon on January 22 may find you going in for a medical or dental procedure or finishing up some sort of rehabilitation or physical therapy.

Your career is about to bring lots of news once Mars goes direct on January 30, but at the same time, Mercury, your ruling planet will go retrograde from January 28 to February 17. It's never wise to make big commitments while Mercury is in retrograde. It is best to put off decision making until March.

I say wait until March because on the heels of Mercury turning direct, a major full moon lunar eclipse in Virgo is due February 20, suggesting you will shift your priorities and focus. Until you know what is happening, it would be best to keep all your options open. It is never wise to make decisions on an eclipse either (if you don't have to do so), as initially there will be lots of cosmic dust to obscure your vision. Until things settle down, you are best to wait.

The month ends on a beautiful note. Venus and Jupiter will meet - an annual event - but this is the first time in over a decade that they have chosen to rendezvous in your house of true love. Technically they meet in the wee hours of the morning on February 1, but you will feel the effects earlier, on January 30 and 31. This aspect will bring you a huge potential for love, travel, fun, creativity, and even more money! This will be a four-star date, so be sure to circle it in red, dear Virgo!

Are you excited? I am, for you!

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