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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Your January Horoscope by Susan Miller

The year gets started on a tense note. Someone appears to be forcefully challenging you over money on January 1 or 2, and you'll be resisting them with all the energy you can muster. What makes the altercation unusual is that this person appears to understand how you tick and seems to be pushing all the right buttons. You may find yourself in a deadlocked situation with the only hope of resolution coming from an outside source who can arbitrate.

The problem will involve an issue that seems to have been going on for some time, but that reached a sense of urgency at the end of December. Mars will oppose Pluto, and since both are your rulers, this can be a fairly intense combustion of energy. If possible, put the other person off by asking for time to think. You need to take the sting out of this aspect and the only way I can see to do that is to let some days pass. Fortunately, this will be the only difficult time of the month.

January will provide us all with a preview of the year ahead because so many of the planets will be newly ensconced in Capricorn. Until now, the air and fire signs have had a hold on all the good aspects - slowly but surely, however, the earth and water signs have been gaining power. You, by the way, are a water sign, so this is exceptionally good news - almost miraculous!

With Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, in Capricorn as of last month (December 18, for a year), Saturn now in Virgo (as of September 2, for two years), and your ruler Pluto moving to Capricorn (on January 25, for an astonishing 15 years), you are coming into your own.

Capricorn and Virgo are earth signs that blend well with your water sign element. Add Uranus in Pisces, a water sign that has been in place since 2003, and you can easily see that most of the heavy-duty outer planets are now favoring earth and water signs. This is no small advantage. You are no longer going to play second fiddle.

Interestingly, the place most of the planetary emphasis will be going in 2008 for you - and in January in particular - will be to your 3rd house of communication. One way or another you will learn to communicate in a new way or in a new-to-you medium.

You and I talked about this last month when I listed a few examples to get you thinking. For instance, if you have always written memos, you may be asked to teach others your skills, placing you in the role of teacher, even if you work in a corporate setting. If you have always been a TV host, you may now write a book.

I keep thinking of the young Scorpio man I met last month who was in marketing but who is taking serious classes in stand-up comedy. With so much emphasis on the communications sector of his chart, I am betting that he will do well in his new venture. Think about how you can use this brilliant energy in a new way, for you will, too!

The 3rd house, where all the attention is going from now on, rules intellectual thinking, speaking, lecturing, teaching, studying, editing, research, and even traveling (in that regard, short distances). You may now take classes on creative writing or even learn a new language - Italian or HTML for computers. ALL writing and speaking is covered here. Do you want to join a candidate's campaign and learn to be a speechwriter? Be my guest. This is the year to do it.

If you are self-employed, consider launching an important advertising or publicity campaign now. New business would result! It's also the time to ask a designer to come up with your logo for your business, have a dye made for your personal stationery, or have your wedding invitations printed or your business brochure designed. Do a video for YouTube, set up a MySpace page, or put an ad on Craig's List. You can use this energy for big or small efforts - or both!

As you see, if you have always wanted to write a book or a screenplay, run your own radio show, design your own Website, or host a talk show, suddenly now absolutely nothing is impossible. If you debate someone, you are likely to be so prepared that you will run rings around this person.

Indeed, intellectually, you'll be at the top of your game now and in months to come. If you are a trial lawyer or work in any profession where coming across with wit and clarity is a benefit, you'll have it made. You have the "cards" you need to gain the winning advantage.

Electronic items fall under the 3rd house, where all the energy is being beamed, too. This would be a terrific month to buy a new computer, or other major electronic device, like a flat screen TV, iPod, or iPhone. Is there an item Santa didn't deliver? You can get it now. That includes a car - it looks like you'll need wheels in 2008, and January will be one of your best months to shop for one.

Not only will Jupiter help you succeed, but as of January 25, Pluto, your ruler, will too. The last time Pluto changed signs, it was 1995. Pluto won't stay in Capricorn all year. Like most big planets when they make monumental moves, they make an appearance in a certain house, stay a while, and then retreat when they go retrograde. Pluto will leave briefly over the summer but will return in late November 2008, when he will stay for good - fifteen years - in this, your communication house. The fact that Pluto will move signs and is one of your planetary rulers means that your focus, and even your sense of identity, will be bound up with this new effort.

Travel to nearby towns will be very satisfying this month, and this time, travel seems not to be done as much for business as for fun, to see friends. The trip will be a quick, short one, but possibly have a touch of luxury and pampering about it - you should go! Your best weekend to go will be January 12 - 13, when the moon will be in one of your ideal places, Pisces.

If you were born on or within five days of November 8, you will benefit from the friendly new moon's excellent energy that will arrive on January 8. What makes this month so exciting is that the new moon will send Uranus a special beam, suggesting that lucky breaks will abound, and surprise communications are likely to come to you from many sources. If you need to make a settlement or agree to a contract or plan of action, you are likely to be pleasantly surprised with how things shape up. This is a really good month for you, Scorpio!

Your career will bring interesting news on January 22 when a full moon brings talks to fullness. You may get a very prestigious job offer, or special praise or promotion from your present boss. After two years of having coped with pressures from Saturn, this will be a nice moment to sit back and pat yourself on the back. You have come very far and that will be obvious now. You have every reason to be proud.

There will be lots of activity at month's end.

Mercury will retrograde from January 28 to February 17. Earlier I wrote that you might want to buy new communication gadgets or a computer - even a car. We also talked about the possibility that you would sign a contract or settlement.

However, with Mercury about to turn retrograde, you must buy your items or sign your deal between January 8 and 20. If you cannot do so by then, I would say to act in March. Still, I am not happy with that trade-off because your best aspects for these activities are now, between January 1 and 20.

February brings a month of Mercury retrograde and two eclipses, February 6 and 20. I would not want to you to buy anything expensive then, nor agree to anything vital while so much cosmic dust will be kicked up. February will be too unstable to initiate actions, so be patient as you watch and wait. You will likely need to shift a few priorities in February, quite unexpectedly.

Mercury will retrograde in your home and family sector, suggesting that increasingly, your home will become more of a focus in the weeks ahead. You may have to do needed repairs or reorganize your space. If you are trying to sell your house, you may have to factor in delays or even a buyer's change of mind. If this should happen, know that this was not the right buyer - you probably are lucky you broke free.

Also at month's end, Mars will finally go direct after having been retrograde since November 15. This is especially good news for you, for it means you can move forward on a lot of your projects and endeavors that have been mired in red tape. Although everyone will enjoy seeing Mars move forward, you will benefit doubly, because Mars is your ruler.

Since Mars is in your house of other people's money, if you have been pulling your hair out over a negotiation that was going nowhere fast, this change should speed things up. Day-to-day assignments will go a bit better, too.

The month ends on a fantastic note. On January 31 and February 1, Venus will conjunct Jupiter in one of the year's loveliest annual events. Ideally, you will be able to use this to be with a partner and to go away on a sweet little trip for two. I would love to see you take a long weekend, from January 31 through February 2, if possible. If your birthday falls on October 31 or within a few days of this date, you will be doubly lucky. Promise to take a little trip, dear Scorpio!

Romantically, those dates, January 31 and February 1, will be your best. This month puts so much emphasis on communication, talking, and writing that it would probably be best to confine your sparkling romantic moments to clever text messages and midnight phone calls. You might meet someone now and want to stay up until dawn talking about all kinds of things in a 24-hour coffee bar.

As a feeling Scorpio, you won't be content with that, of course - you'll want something more sensual. Here is a list of your best dates, but realize this month won't be spectacular in this department. You may have to be content to wait until early March, but in the meantime, give these dates a try: January 7, 11 - 12, 16, 21, 29 - 31, and February 1.


Now that the holidays are over, you'll feel a certain sense of liberation. You have more options for what you can do with your free time than you did in December, and one of those options will be to hop in your car to visit friends and close relatives in the pretty, quaint nearby towns and cities or to kidnap your sweetheart and design a divine trip for two to the snowy countryside.

If you feel your car is on its last legs (or perhaps more appropriately, last wheels), with the Sun, Jupiter, and (soon) Pluto, and Venus warming your transportation and communication sector, you might consider stopping by a dealership to browse new automobiles. You seem to have the right touch for negotiating a good deal for a new one. All machine purchases will be favored, including the acquisition of a new computer, flat screen TV, or other electronic device. Since Mercury will retrograde beginning January 28, it would be wise to finish up your negotiations and purchases between January 8 and 20 for best luck.

At the office, your work has come to the attention and favor of higher ups, a truth that will be obvious near the full moon, January 22. For two years you labored under Saturn's stern direction, and by now, just when you thought no one in power had noticed or appreciated all that you did, professional rewards will flow to you. Assuming you've worked hard and smart, this full moon will help to place you in the coveted corner office. Speak up early in the month, and within four days of January 22 the new job should be yours.

In terms of finances, Mars opposition to Pluto could cause a heated disagreement with a partner, banker, or investor about money in January's first week. An influential authority figure, relative, or soon-to-be-ex seems bent on convincing you to accept certain financial terms and conditions that you don't want and are resisting with all your might. Your only option may be to walk away and refuse to negotiate for a few days. A cooling off period would work in your favor.

Scientists say that couples fight more about money than any other topic, and this month, that may be true for you. Knowing this, you may be able to head off tensions. If you are trying to settle a divorce, however, this tense atmosphere - strongest in the first few days of January (but not exactly easy the rest of the month) - would make it wise to wait until March to finalize things, if you can.

At month's end, Mercury will retrograde in your home sector, from January 28 to February 17. It's a great time to reorganize closets or install a new system in your existing ones, and to generally make repairs on machines that have shown evidence of wear and tear. Most people find a trip to the repair shop part and parcel of a Mercury retrograde period, especially when Mercury retrogrades in the digital-sign of Aquarius.

Mercury, the planet of communication and electronics may retrograde, but your guardian planet, Mars, is about to awaken on January 30. This will help you enormously, for finally you will see projects that have been on the side burner for two months show strong signs of life. You appear to have been dealing with people abroad in business or academia, too, but the holidays interrupted your talks. After January 30, all will start up again as if there was never a pause.

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