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Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Your January Horoscope by Susan Miller

Last month you experienced a massively important meeting of two powerhouse planets, Jupiter and Pluto, in the pinnacle point of your horoscope, the 10th house, ruling career honors, awards, achievement, and fame. Good fortune planet Jupiter was there to bring you an extraordinary opportunity to write your name in the night sky, now and in months and years to come. Pluto's presence showed that you are in the gradual process of completely transforming your professional life from the inside out, not only through your own efforts, but through the help of friends - something I will explain in more detail as you go through your report.

You may not yet know that you are in a period of powerful growth and transition, for usually during those periods, you are too busy "doing" to fully reflect upon the weight and potency of all that is happening around you. Certain moves and decisions you have made recently will prove very wise, and your influence will grow in direct measure to the work you put into your career. Jupiter was your ancient ruler before Neptune was discovered, giving Jupiter added power and emphasis in your horoscope, always.

A conjunction of two powerful planets isn't just "an interesting day," but in astrology heralds the birth of a new condition or element in your life that will extend for years into the future, until these two planets meet again in another conjunction. The die was cast at that conjunction, and now there will be no turning back - nor would you want to do that. A new and widening career path will continue to appear in front of you and you will take it. Your career will change in all the right ways, ever broadening your influence. There is no question that you will succeed, especially since you will have the support of groups and friends, possibly in a very grassroots way. Of course, you will have to apply earnest energy, but you've been doing that, in spades, for a long time!

Before last month, Jupiter and Pluto last met in conjunction in 1994 and 1995, so those years may have been important years to you. After having met in perfect conjunction last month on December 11, 2007, these two planets will continue to travel close in January before Jupiter speeds up and will be out of Pluto's earshot. The next conjunction is due in 2020, so this aspect will affect your career for the next twelve years. If you missed your vital December forecast, or forgot what it said, I had to fill you in here before we could look at the vastly changing picture that is shaping up for you, dear Pisces.

Also, as is the case with a conjunction - which in astrology always heralds the start of a new cycle - sometimes the seeds you plant don't immediately show results but will later, when other planets in your chart trigger the opportunity. Certainly if you did not make an important career decision, move, or initiation in late 2007, you will at some point in 2008. At the time you may assume your moves are "nothing special" but nothing could be farther from the truth. They will grow, especially those you initiated in early December, and continue to work in January.

Jupiter is now in Capricorn as of December 18, and will stay in your 11th house of hopes and wishes, friends, and groups from now on, for a full year. Anytime a big planet like Jupiter changes signs it is headline news! As you see, Jupiter has been doing nothing BUT making news in your chart. Jupiter has not been in Capricorn since 1996.

In Capricorn, Jupiter can be even more helpful to you, so the picture will change and brighten again. Jupiter is now in a compatible earth sign, one that blends fantastically well with Pisces water sign element. Earth and water is a very fertile combination!

The 11th house of the horoscope rules hopes and wishes, so in 2008 there will be no limit to how big and broad you can dream. This coming year could well become one of those magical years where one or two of your deeply held wishes really do materialize right before your eyes. We only get about seven of these years in our entire lifetime, as Jupiter only comes by for a year's visit once every twelve years. (His last, in this house, was in 1996.) Jupiter is not only the planet of good fortune, but of miracles too, so if you should need one, say your prayers, for a miracle is not out of the question this year.

What is particularly heartening is that Jupiter will work closely with Saturn to deliver your dream and give it staying power. Often these two very slow moving planets are at odds, but not now! Moreover, Jupiter will be in such fine angle to your Sun, giving it more opportunity to help you.

Your friends and acquaintances, and even casual contacts, are also ruled by the 11th house, and now will grow in number and importance to you. In fact, your Rolodex will practically explode with new names. These people may seem a little different from your usual gang of friends you have now and may form a new, separate subgroup for you. This is logical - as your interests and goals change, so do the people with whom you surround yourself.

They will be influential and successful, and some may even work in the banking, real estate, or other money-oriented fields. (This is a real switch for you! They may also work in antiques or with some sort of historical material.) You will find that many of your new pals will do substantial charity or humanitarian work. These people will be big thinkers, there is no doubt of that, and they will inspire you to roll up your sleeves, too.

There is another twist to this that I would like you to think about. The 11th house that will be so lit up for you also rules communities, groups, and clubs. Anytime we find people linked to a common interest or goal, it is defined as a group, and these are where your golden nuggets lie in 2008.

I feel you may get involved with - or even create - communities, whether in real life or more fascinating, possibly online. Our world is increasingly focused on Internet social networks and communities, and this year, you may be a founder of a virtual community. Or, you may accept a leadership position in a real life group. If you do, you will gain much experience that you can transfer to your job and other parts of life.

You should consider joining at least one club this year, whether that is social or professional. Open yourself up to new experiences, interests, and people. Your romantic life will benefit too from being out and about, for Jupiter will be found in the house opposite the 5th house of true love all year.

As is often the case, planetary energy bounces back and forth between two houses found opposite on the wheel. You will be invited to many more parties and gatherings than usual this year, and you must go! Weddings, charity benefits, birthday parties, ribbon cuttings, open houses, cocktail parties, dinner parties, art openings, and concerts - the works! You may want to do more entertaining at home too, and that would be a very good idea.

Your romantic life should perk up this year, particularly in your banner months of March, April, and early May, when Mars will be brightening your 5th house of new love. If you are single, those are your months to meet someone, and if married, those are the months when you have more time to step off the treadmill of life to enjoy one another.

Later, over the Fourth of July weekend, on the new moon, July 2, your love life could also show exciting developments. If you live in the USA, that's the holiday weekend you want to be away, mixing and mingling with others! Book that cottage rental where other singles go to enjoy time off! If you live in a country other than the USA, take your vacation in early July for best romantic luck. You don't need our Independence Day to create your own fun holiday!

There are other ways to meet people this year, and I want you to investigate all of them. Plan to go to the key trade shows and seminars in your industry this year - you need to mix, mix, mix! You will learn a great deal now by talking street talk, much more than you would if you were holed up in your office. Keep reminding yourself that your biggest gains in 2008 will come through friends, contacts, and communities of people.

As if having Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, in your house of friends, hopes, and wishes were not enough, there is more news!

Pluto, the extremely powerful and beneficial planet of renewal, rejuvenation, and transformation, will ALSO enter the very same part of your chart.

Pluto will move into your 11th house of friends, groups, hopes, and wishes this month on January 25. This will be the first time Pluto has been in Capricorn since 1762, as it takes Pluto 246 years or so to circle the Sun and all twelve signs of the zodiac. This will mark a completely unique influence to you, for you've never had Pluto in this house in your lifetime. In fact, no one alive today has experienced Pluto in Capricorn.

As is often the case when a big, heavy-duty planet moves into a new sign, Pluto will make a brief appearance and then leave in mid-June when he retrogrades back into your house of fame and honors over the summer. When Pluto moves back into Capricorn at the end of November 2008, he will be there until early 2024, to stay almost sixteen years! This proves the coming emphasis on friends and groups of people in your chart is not a passing phase but a genuine trend that will last through the coming decade and beyond. Pluto is associated with wealth and power, and your friends will be willing to lend their influence to help you.

The 11th house is ruled by Uranus by nature in any chart, and remarkably, Uranus, ruler of all new technology, is IN Pisces, not to leave until 2011. This is why I said earlier that you have an opportunity to make your mark within a social community (most probably virtual) that you create or join this year.

Before I get to the aspects of January I want to say one thing. For literally years the outer planets (where the true power lies) have dominated by moving in air and fire signs. This left earth and water signs out in the cold, but no more. This month the balance of power is changing dramatically and tipping control back to earth and water, which will benefit you!

Here's the evidence: Pluto has been in fire sign Sagittarius since 1995, and will be in Capricorn, an earth sign, for the coming years.

Jupiter is out of fiery Sagittarius too, and is now ensconced in earthy Capricorn. Uranus has been in water sign Pisces since 2003, and as said, will remain there until 2011. Saturn has been in fire sign Leo and finally moved into Virgo in September, another earth sign, and although it opposes your Sun, it is a complementary sign, so you will gain much from this transit, even if the lessons learned are a bit hard to take at times. (More about Saturn later.)

Neptune is the sole planet not in a compatible sign, but rather in an air sign that will, at least, create bubbles when mixed with water, an effervescent effect. Neptune is not challenging to your sign while in Aquarius; it is neutral. I am enthusiastic about Neptune's position in 2008 for one big reason.

Neptune and Saturn were in a deadlock opposition for 18 months, from 2006-2007 but finally - at long last - Neptune has broken free of Saturn's confining stronghold. That will make an ENORMOUS difference in your outlook. The precise opposition ended in June 2007, but Saturn and Neptune, in my opinion, had to be at least ten degrees apart, something that took most of 2007 to accomplish because both planets move slowly.

Saturn held your feet to the fire, pinning down your ruling planet, Neptune, limiting your movements, and forcing you to be very realistic and practical when thinking creatively. While these are good traits to learn, Saturn limited your movements and may have made you frustrated by the bean counters. While being practical is always a good trait to learn, you felt penned in, and your creativity, always important to a Pisces, was bound by certain requirements. Now you will feel freer. You have learned those lessons, and they are internalized - you won't feel tied down by them.

I will spend a minute or two letting you know what is going on with Saturn now.

Saturn moved into Virgo, your opposite sign, last September for a two-year stay. If you are in a difficult business or personal partnership or marriage, you almost surely had a few tense discussions last year. Some Pisces left those types of unions, if only to preserve their health and mental well-being.

The Pisces who have been under the most pressure are those with birthdays that fall in February. Saturn is currently retrograding back and forth in early degrees of Virgo, giving these early-born Pisces its characteristic "tough love" lessons on the nature of close relationships.

During this phase, if you are a February-born Pisces, you will be the first in your sign to learn to test the reliability and trustworthiness of various types of partners, whether in business or on a personal level. Saturn will go direct on May 2, so from that point on February-born Pisces will have relief. Saturn won't be fully out of the picture for February-born Pisces until the end of August, but it'll be a turning point toward a better trend.

At that point, Saturn will turn its attention to those Pisces with birthdays that fall between March 1 and 11 for the balance of 2008.

Pisces with birthdays that fall after March 12 won't feel Saturn's direct rays until 2009.

Keep in mind that partners aren't the only possible sources of heartache but also true wisdom. Saturn can be a bit of a double-edged sword: Some partners are gems, offering wise guidance, while one or two others will be just the opposite - a thorn in your side! Discerning between the two before you get involved will be your lesson of 2008 and 2009, but one you are rapidly learning. You're a quick study, and in the end, this trend will work to make you stronger and much more seasoned.

Now let's hone in on what is happening for you this month.

This month, keep your eye on the new moon, January 8, which will package all this energy and push it into action. It could usher in weeks of socializing at parties, lunches, dinners, and other fun events. You may also decide to join a new group and make lots of new acquaintances.

January will be the very best month of the year to send your membership application, so if interested, do so without delay. If you are a member of a club, this energy behooves you to get more involved. Sign up on a committee and dig in. You may create a lot of good work for a charity or other purpose and feel great about the managerial skills you develop and show off now.

Uranus will be very prominent at this new moon, so you will receive lightning bolts of energy - lots of positive surprises - and just about your happiest moments will come as a result of actions of friends.

If your birthday falls on (or within five days) of March 7 you will see the energies of this new moon in a big, exciting way!

Venus will enter your social sector on January 24 to February 17, making your interactions a bit more luxurious and special during that phase.

You will also have an opportunity to take an altruistic, humanitarian action. As the last and most evolved and spiritual sign of the zodiac, Pisces always want to help those who suffer. Pisces is indeed exquisitely attuned to others' needs, and this year will have a sterling opportunity to make a difference in dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people's lives. Jupiter will see to that, and by helping others you will help yourself, even though that will not likely even enter your mind.

There is another way this could work out. This month you can count on support from groups that would support your enterprise collectively. Keep thinking of large numbers of people in many groups that you could lasso together to create a larger, more important groundswell by joining forces, if that is applicable.

Here is an example: If you sell something, say, hats or books, know that clubs and groups out there may want to buy them from you, so rather than sell one at a time, you can sell many, all at once.

Whatever you do, you need to act with a sense of urgency because Mercury is about to retrograde from January 28 to February 17. Complete your most important actions well in advance of January 28 and do not act in February at all. (I will tell you why in a moment.)

Mercury rules communication, agreements, all electronic equipment, commerce, negotiations, research, travel, and shipping. All these areas will go haywire when Mercury retrogrades, but you feel the effect even before the retrograde begins. I would like you to have things wrapped up no later than the full moon, January 22.

The reason you should not act after Mercury goes direct next month is that on the heels of Mercury going direct, we have a lunar eclipse in your opposite sign of Virgo, February 20. (One earlier, on February 6, will be in Aquarius - that one will be quite friendly.) You need to see what news the eclipses bring before you can announce changes for the future. Sit tight until early March, for some of your priorities will change, or your attention will shift for a while.

You may have been working on improving the look of your home, and if so, you seem to have stopped recently, mainly because of lack of cash. Mars rules your solar 2nd house of cash flow, and with Mars in retrograde since November 15, you probably had to put on the brakes for a while because cash was short. That shortfall of money will clear up as soon as Mars goes direct on January 30.

Plan to resume your home or family-related project in March, when all the aspects look better for initiating new endeavors.

Watch your health at the time of the full moon, January 22, when a full moon could make you feel drained. It will be clear you will have a lot to do at that time. It appears a project has to be finished and shipped and you'll be working like the Energizer Bunny to get it all done.

This same time of the month, at the full moon, January 22, will be when you may feel ready to hop on the treadmill to shape up your body for the coming swimsuit season. Good idea, dear Pisces. While your motivation is high, check out your options from January 21-26. With Saturn opposed to your Sun, this year you have to promise to take extra good care of yourself. Watch your digestion in particular, and also your feet.

Put a gold star on the day before the full moon, January 21, when Jupiter will reach out to Saturn in a very comforting way. Use this day to forge an alliance with a partner that will likely stand the test of time. It's a four-star day for building a truly important partnership, to do future planning, or to grow closer to a present partner.

The month ends in an exciting way. On January 31 and February 1 Venus will meet Jupiter in a once-a-year conjunction of great beauty and grace. Each year these two meet in various houses, but this year - you guessed it - they will meet in your house of social fun. I know I have asked you to circulate more, but on this day, you must promise me that you will!

Attend a party, take a workshop, go to a club event, speak on a panel - do something that has you rubbing shoulders with many others. You will love this part of the month. If your birthday falls on or near February 26, double that advice!

Your most romantic evenings this month include: January 4, 7 - 8, 11-12, 16 - 17, 21, 29 - 31, and February 1.


A very important social influence is about to blow into your life, and it will transform your lifestyle in a very appreciable way. Ever since Neptune entered your behind-the-scenes sector several years ago, you've been keeping more to yourself - but the social side of you is about to reemerge, with gusto. This is no small trend - with Jupiter set to stay twelve months, and Pluto due to stay until 2024, nearly sixteen years, this is a trend you will notice, absolutely!

Pluto will have you mixing with very powerful, successful people who can help you accomplish your aims. Increasingly, in years to come, it won't be WHAT you know, but WHO - you've done your homework, so now you won't need to work as hard all by yourself. You'll have help!

Keep your eye on January 8, the critically important new moon that will roll all this energy into motion. We can have great aspects, but if we don't have a new moon to set it off, those good aspects can languish a while. You HAVE what you need at this new moon to see lots of excitement. You may be invited to parties and club events, and you may even be drawing up plans to lead an online virtual community or one in real life. You may run for office, or you may start an organization. Charity work and humanitarian concerns will interest you very much in 2008 and will be an area where you make your mark.

You will have a lot going on at home, too, with your actual space, or in terms of family developments. It's a perfect time to spiff up your space to make it look more current. White sales will be going on in January, as well as bargain deals for furniture, so if you've been musing about things you want to do to your home, start putting those stylish ideas into action. Mars has moved back to Gemini and all month will allow you to make your home a true reflection of "you." Mars is currently retrograde all month so your progress may be slow (mainly because money will be tight) but you should be drawing up blueprints to put into action either in early March or early June.

At the full moon, January 22, you seem to realize that to accomplish fitness goals, you'll have to work a little harder and be consistent. This full moon will be your friend, so get some new sneakers and workout gear to jumpstart your plan. If you can begin your reasonable diet plan four days later, on January 26, you should find that you can more easily lose any extra pounds you may have gained over the holidays.

This same full moon will bring lots of busy work to your days that week, so you may need to stay a bit later to get it all done. You may want to schedule a spa message or facial by the end of the week as a treat for having worked so hard.

Romantically, Jupiter and Pluto will help you by having friends introduce you to many types of interesting potential partners from all walks of life - all quite successful and substantial. Both planets, working together, as they will be throughout 2008, will show you that you have grown in an impressive way, and others will want to know more about you. Your cheery optimism and compassionate nature and imaginative style will be an irresistible package. A whole new picture of life is forming, dear Pisces, and it's a much more colorful one than the one you are about to leave. You won't miss your old life - this one is better!

Aquarius (January 20- February 18)

Aquarius (January 20- February 18)

Your January Horoscope by Susan Miller

It's a brand New Year, and as you get closer to your birthday you are aching to start something new. If you are to believe the media, the only New Year's resolution on your mind is to lose weight, and while that might be true for you, you seem anxious to achieve something else too, something deeper and more all-encompassing. You want a fresh chapter to start soon, but to make this desire materialize, you will have to do a little preparation first. Start now, and you will have all year to do so. What's coming is most likely to be one of the best years of your life - one to take seriously!

In December, Jupiter moved quietly into your 12th house, putting you on a direct trajectory for your best and most successful year of your life - in 2009. Capricorn holds that title now, having been crowned celestial favorite last month for the coming year. This year you will prepare for your year, to arrive in early January 2009. The more you prepare, the better it will turn out to be. The first thing you need to do is find some obligations to offload or relationships to free yourself of, for if your life is too crowded in 2009, you will have no space to fit in all that's new.

You will need to articulate as clearly as possible what you'd like to accomplish by the finish of 2009. That is not always an easy question to answer. Sometimes it's easier to start with what you don't like and certainly don't want more of in your life. That's usually easier to see, and easier to distance yourself from if you need to do so. We outgrow goals, sometimes before we even accomplish them, so before you put one on the list, make sure you still are passionate about getting your desire.

For example, if your mother-in-law often needles you about little imperfections she perceives in you, try not to have too much contact with her for a while, if that's feasible. If your job is driving you to distraction, vow to find a new, better position, one that uses your talents to their fullest, by the end of the year. If you feel you need more education but have no idea how to pay for it, start investigating what options you have, for nothing changes one's status and lifestyle as surely as having the right education.

Sometimes we have several things that we'd like to change on our list, but changing them all would be completely overwhelming. Avoid the bleed effect - where everything seems wrong. It's usually due to one area of life that's so painful that it's causing a domino effect into other areas.

Jupiter is now in your 12th house, so if you think about things, your instinct will lead you to the one area that you would like to add, fix, improve, or jettison completely to feel instantly better.

Jupiter's new presence in your secret 12th house suggests that there are one or two individuals around you who will want to help you in a quiet, confidential way. In fact, you may not even know yet that you have the attention and interest of a powerful benefactor who has singled you out as a winner and who would be glad to speak on your behalf.

If you would like to talk things over with a professional such as a life coach or psychotherapist, the best time to schedule a first session would be on or shortly after the new moon in your subconscious sector, January 8. You can also use this wonderful new moon to get the right help to finally end a self-destructive habit. Uranus will be in gorgeous angle to this new moon, bringing innovative ideas to the surface. Rapport with your professional should be unusually smooth at this time too, and that includes bringing your subconscious thoughts to the surface easily and naturally so that you can more effectively see success on your goal.

On a completely different topic, Uranus' involvement with the new moon on January 8 also suggests that you may hear good news about money either immediately or within a few days (two weeks at most). This would be money you earn as salary, not money you win, so no need to buy lotto tickets!

Speaking of salary, something very special appears to be bubbling up in your career these days, and this could turn out to be one of the most exciting areas of your chart this year.

Think back to career conversations or actions you took last month near December 9 or 11. Those may lead to some mighty big gains for you in time - keep your eye on the area you were focusing on then. The time of the full moon, May 19, 2008, will be a key point for your career too, a time when you will see the blooming of many talks you are having now.

Jupiter and Pluto, two big players in the equation that adds up to career success for you, are past their conjunction point - that happened last month, on December 11 - but both are still orbiting in close proximity in January, giving you a superb ability to make your mark. Continue to be optimistic about new opportunities, especially ones where you can put your stamp of individuality on it. Also included in this trend will be an ability to make a difference in a charity, humanitarian, or political way.

Creatively, you've been coming up with a stunning array of gems lately, but with Mars retrograde since mid-November, you probably found it hard to get new projects off the ground. It's apparent that one of your ideas has solid profit potential but that you need the support of VIPs to get it going. Lately those very higher-ups have come off as aloof or vague or have been missing in action. Most (if not all) of those frustrations will melt away once Mars goes direct orbit on January 30. Watch the days that surround January 30 for clues that things are about to get on track again.

If you need funding for a creative project, you have a sterling day to schedule a confidential meeting, January 21. This will be one of 2008's most sensational days, a four-star day when Jupiter (good fortune and expansion) will send a key communication to Saturn (long-range planning). The plans you set in place at that time could take you far into the future.

If you have important papers to sign, you can do so on this day just mentioned, January 21, or any day that comes before this date in early January.

Once you get to the full moon in Leo, however, you must be ready to tie up all loose ends in all areas of your life, for Mercury is about to go retrograde.

This also is a full moon in your relationship sector, so either be ready to form a warm commitment or goal with your romantic partner, or conversely, clear the air about an issue that has troubled you.

This full moon seems much sweeter than any you've seen in recent years, so I feel the outcome would more likely be positive than negative. Old Saturn is now finally out of Leo for the first time in two years, so the problems that used to plague you simply won't be a factor any more. In fact, these issues won't even come up. If you were getting along with your partner, you may have been concerned about your partner's welfare or health.

You may get engaged or married at this time, or simply make big, bright plans for the future.

Alternatively, you may seal an important alliance with a business associate on or very near January 22, and if so, it would be a very propitious time to do so.

If you were born on January 22, or close to this date, you will feel the effects of this full moon more potently than other members of your sign.

As mentioned, the day before the full moon, January 21, will be simply magical thanks to the cooperative efforts of Saturn and Jupiter, so if you plan on making a commitment, do so on January 21, if possible. Whether you make a personal or professional promise at this time, either way, it is likely to be in place a very long time - joyfully so.

As said, you need to hurry things along, because Mercury will be retrograde in Aquarius from January 28 to February 17. While Mercury retrograde always acts up like Dennis the Menace, he gets really out of control on those start and end "bookend" dates. Stay as far away from those bookend dates as possible - a week sounds right.

Looking ahead to February, we will have two eclipses coming your way, one in Aquarius - a friendly new moon solar eclipse - on February 6. Later, we have a more difficult full moon lunar eclipse in Virgo on February 20. Until you know the news that these eclipses will deliver, once you get to January 22, put a halt to any decision making. You can resume normal activity in March.

I might add - without giving the plot away - that the February 6 eclipse will be fabulously positive for you, a true gift from the universe! It will almost certainly shift your plans and priorities. I will go into that eclipse in more detail next month, but suffice to say that you should not fear what's coming - you will want to embrace it!!

Romantically, as said earlier, this could be a banner month for some Aquarians, as the full moon is about to bring feelings to a very full point.

If you are single, that full moon may not apply to you. In that case, you have other things going for you because Venus will be in a socially prominent place in your horoscope almost all month, until January 24.

The happy feeling you may have experienced over the holidays, mixing with friends, will continue, thanks to Venus' supervision. Mars will remain in your divinely romantic 5th house too all month - you won't have to come back to a pressured office grind in January so your reentry into everyday life should be fairly gentle.

As mentioned earlier, Mars will be retrograde until January 30, at which time it will gather steam, and so will your love life. In the meantime, you may consider contacting an old sweetheart to see if you can make a "go" of things again. Whether you can is not clear, but with Mercury going retrograde in Aquarius too, it appears you will be doing a lot of reflecting, and that alone is a positive development. If you need closure from a certain person you used to date seriously, you certainly should call to arrange a meeting. After that, you'll know best how to proceed.

A home-related matter could bring a big, happy breakthrough on January 31 or February 1, thanks to the pairing of Venus and Jupiter in an exquisite once-a-year event. You might have a truly beautiful piece of furniture delivered at that time, or if you need a roommate, have one move in that you'll find you blend with well.

Venus is all about beauty, and Jupiter, expansiveness, so if you go apartment / house hunting, or if you move on one of these two days - January 31 or February 1 - you would likely commit to a large, beautiful space, one that you would love forever. Mercury will be retrograde at the time, so be certain to sign papers or complete your purchase earlier, no later than January 21 or 22.

Venus rules your house of home, but Venus and Jupiter will meet up this month in the most private, sentimental, and secret part of your chart, your 12th house. If your friends want to arrange a blind date, schedule it for January 31 or February 1. Another sensational idea - give a party at home and you'll be the hit of the social scene. With Venus waltzing with Jupiter on these days, you'll be a hit! My goodness, this could be as good as it gets!

Your best romantic evenings: January 4 - 5, 9 - 10, 14, 18 - 19, 22-23, 26 - 28, 31, and February 1.


January - and through much of 2008 - will find you in a pensive mood. You seem to need more time off by yourself to reflect on your future without the distraction of friends and family. You appear to be looking forward to this time. It looks as though the holidays were active for you and you also need a little rest.

A vacation taken now would be ideal. Rather than make it one that requires lots of sightseeing or sports, choose a soothing spot in a sumptuously beautiful locale, like Hawaii, the Greek Islands, or Bali, to fully decompress. Can't go that far? A lovely weekend in a snowy cottage in the woods, one with a fireplace and wood burning stove, would suit you just fine too, especially if you could go along with someone you find easy going.

Quiet pursuits such as writing poetry or essays, photography, film, design, sewing, reading, composing, or playing music would allow you to find your center. Your friends know you are the ultimate social butterfly, but this year with Jupiter, the Sun, and later in the month Venus and Pluto, touring your house of privacy and creativity, you seem to know you need this time to sit, think, and envision a better future.

The year after this one - 2009 - will be your biggest and most important in over a decade. That's when Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will enter Aquarius for the first time since 1997. To get the full benefit of this rare and special trend, ancient astrologers wrote about the value in taking stock. Decide what needs to stay in your life, and what should go. What do you want more of, and what would you be glad to see less of? What exactly would you like to happen in your wonder year, as well as in the next ten years to come?

These questions aren't hypothetical ones. This year you will have the power to change things so you need to leave open some space for the universe to fill. These answers are important and shouldn't be rushed. You have all of 2008 to fully develop your list.

In the coming year, others may assume that it is "life as usual" for you, for they won't see many radical shifts or dramatic announcements just yet. You will know better. The most important changes in our lives often are first conceived in our minds and hearts, as wishes, dreams, or desires that we choose to act upon. If we can "see" in our mind's eye our new reality, we can make it happen. This is the process you will be working on in 2008.

All meetings and actions that take place behind closed doors now will benefit you. That includes all types of activities, from meeting with perspective clients and employers, to health professionals and coaches, and to creative work you do on projects dear to you. Alternatively, at work you may be ready to launch a new service or product that will demand the utmost secrecy. These types of endeavors do well for you now, so if this resonates with you, know you are on the right trail.

This whole year to come will also be ideal for giving up a bad habit. It matters not what it might be - spending too much money on things that don't matter to you, nibbling on cookies at night and leaving crumbs on the bed sheets, or failing to return library books - you name it, we all have one thing we would all like to delete and replace with something better. Jupiter, now in your 12th house, can see to it that you find a way to turn over a new leaf. You may work with a coach, read a self-help book that changes your perspective, or simply find the inner strength to say "enough!" and change. Make steps to end your habit on January 8 or in the days that closely follow that date.

Mercury will retrograde from January 28 to February 17. Since Mercury will retrograde in Aquarius, you'll feel the effects a bit more strongly than most. Prepare for delays and changes, and take it all in stride. Mercury retrograde will give you time to go back to previous projects that you are passionate about but put aside months ago, with happy results. Don't start anything new, but if you have something you want to go back to, it's the right time to do so.

On the full moon, January 22, your partner will need your full attention, but this time, it looks like the news will be excellent. You've had your share of partnership woes, but now that Saturn has departed from this part of your chart in September (after a two-year stay), those difficult days are over. In case you are concerned that you may experience a replay of those years, you won't, as Saturn is not due back to that place in your chart for nearly three decades into the future.

On this full moon, you may make plans to wed, or draw up plans for the future if you're already wed. Some may choose to use this energy to form an important business alliance.

If single, Mars will be your friend all month, for you'll have an exceptional opportunity to meet new romantic partners, and one may truly catch your eye. Even though you will be home a bit more than usual, the time you do spend socializing seems to be highly productive. Mars will be retrograde, so you may decide to go back to someone you used to know to find out if you can make a go of things now. No harm in that. Once Mars goes direct, your social life will zoom into high gear.

One day you may want to have a blind date: January 31 or February 1. These days are sparklers, for sure! If you don't want to have a blind date, this would also be a sensational date for a party in your home. All sorts of social and home-related projects will reach a pinnacle point, a day to enjoy to the fullest!

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Your January Horoscope by Susan Miller

The year 2008 is just made for you! Last month, on December 18, Jupiter, the great planet of happiness and good fortune, moved into Capricorn for the first time since 1996 to stay until January 2009, a full year. This marks the dawning of a whole new era for you, one that will erase so many of the disappointments of the past.

In the time that Jupiter is at your side, he will act as a jolly benefactor who will be anxious to see you do well. He will see that you meet many distinguished high-level types who will open doors for you and who will be willing to see that you get ahead. You will see more of the world in 2008, for travel will almost certainly form part of the picture.

Even your personal life will benefit, as you go out more and widen your circle of friends. New interests will open up in this fresh new influence, for you are starting a whole new 12-year cycle. If you have not met a romantic partner yet, that too is possible in 2008, as the ancient astrologers always wrote that Jupiter conjunct the Sun (as you now have) is one of the best aspects possible for finding true love.

None of this will happen without your involvement - it will be up to you to take the opportunities presented and to spin them into gold.

Your first instinct will be to grab everything in sight - a little like a game show contestant let loose in a mega electronics store who has ten minutes to stuff every big ticket item he can find into his gigantic shopping cart.

To do so would be to spread yourself too thin. Be choosy, dear Capricorn, and focus your priorities. When high-level people ask you how they can help you, be ready with an answer, as this will be no time to drop the ball. The more clearly you see what you want to accomplish, the more likely it is that you will.

You will travel more in 2008 because Jupiter will encourage you to expand your view and to spread your wings. You will be exposed to new concepts and the big broad thinking of successful people, and some of their sparkle will rub off on you, too.

You are known to be a staunch realist, but even your closest friends and family will report that lately they have noticed something new in you - a twinkle in your eye, a bounce in your step, a slight turn to your lips - and wait ... could that be YOU singing in the shower? Of course it could be - and I bet you are even humming as you walk down the street! After all, if you play your cards right this year, you'll soon feel like you own the sidewalk! Jupiter is working on making you more optimistic, and if this new confidence in yourself and the future hasn't taken hold yet yet, just wait - it will, soon!

This month will be extraordinary because the Sun and new moon will welcome Jupiter to Capricorn, and Venus, currently on assignment in Sagittarius as the month opens, will arrive a little later in the month, on January 24 to stay until February 18. This year, birthday month will be extraordinarily special. Venus would not want to miss being with you, not this year!

And wait - that's not all!

Pluto is about to make a stunning move out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn on January 25. Pluto is associated with power and money, as well as with complete regeneration and renewal. As the planet farthest from the Sun in our solar system, Pluto has the slowest orbit around the Sun and therefore spends the longest time in each sign and house of the zodiac. That allows Pluto to make a truly indelible impression as it travels through a house - in your case, your 1st house of personality and personal desires, determination, and dreams.

The 1st house is always the most important for it is the engine that drives the whole chart. Astrology is not destiny, so it will always be up to us to use the cards we are dealt each year, but this year, you are holding all aces!

You have never experienced Pluto in Capricorn, and neither has anyone else who is alive today. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn it was 1762 to 1779. Indeed, many astrologers feel that Pluto in Capricorn was instrumental in creating the forces that led to the American Revolution! Pluto's job is to look at the foundations of things and to tear down any that appear to have developed cracks or serious fault lines in their structures. If Pluto finds flaws and recommends repairs or even a new foundation, Pluto will help you build it.

When big, powerful outer planets first enter a sign, they make an appearance, retreat back into the old sign in retrograde, and then return to the new sign to stay. This gives you a preview of what's to come and time to get ready.

When Pluto enters Capricorn on January 25 he will back into Sagittarius in June. However, he'll come back into Capricorn in the last week of November 2008, and when he does, Pluto will remain in your sign until 2023, fifteen years!

Pluto's influence will be to strengthen you from the inside out. You'll plumb your depths during his stay with you and you'll discover a deep and abiding passion for the endeavors that you take on.

Others will admire your single-minded determination to succeed, for surely, Pluto will require an all-or-nothing approach from you. As a Capricorn, your motivation and ambition to succeed has always been high, but now it is about to become sharpened, focused, and intensified. Your ability to persuade others will become more effective too, for you won't take "no" for an answer!

There is something else happening in the solar system that you may find encouraging. Over the course of past years the major outer planets - the ones with the true power - have favored fire and air signs in an outrageous way.

As of this month, that balance of power will shift to earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. (Water signs always do well when earth signs do well, so Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces will benefit from this trend, too.)

Let's have a look at the evidence. Your ruler, Saturn, for two years traveled in fire sign Leo, a difficult place for you, but switched to earth sign Virgo last September, a place it will remain in until October 2009.

Jupiter was in fire sign Sagittarius, but is now in an earth sign - Capricorn - until January 2009.

Pluto is about to leave fire sign Sagittarius, having been in that sign since 1995. When Pluto finally brings all his pots and pans to settle into Capricorn, it will be until 2024.

Uranus has always been supportive, in water sign Pisces since 2003, and will remain there until 2011.

Neptune is the sole planet not in a compatible element to yours. Now in air sign Aquarius, Neptune will continue to travel in this sign until 2011.

Still, you see how much favor you have behind you! These encouraging planets will act like kindly little relatives who love you and who want to see you do well. They will push you and prod you, teach you and encourage you, and generally keep their arms around your shoulders to protect you.

More importantly, this new emphasis on earth signs means that the world is about to come to realize that that your particular talents are precisely the ones that are needed most. Those will be your proclivity to be practical, productive, and trustworthy, and to accurately manage large amounts of money. Your role in the zodiac has always been to effectively translate your ideas and those of others into something real, tangible, and lest I forget to add: highly profitable.

Increasingly, you will find that you will feel in the sync with the thinking of the times and you will be pleased to see your instincts affirmed. With so many heavy-duty outer planets supporting your aims, you'll no longer feel that you are continually battling the elements. You've climbed Mt. Everest - now you can survey the view.

You will start to find found that you are at the right place at the right time. Dear Capricorn, it's been a long time coming, but no one deserves this more than you!

Do you remember the phase that extended from the latter half of 2003 to mid-2005? That had to have been a tough period when relationships were very difficult, or when you may have been concerned about the welfare of a male who was close to you. In fact, you may have seen your own health suffer. I am so sorry you had to endure that. That period did make you very strong, but gee, at such a cost!

If your birthday falls early in the sign, in December, then late 2003 turned out to be the harder period. If you were born in the third week in January, then the first half of 2005 was your tough period. No matter when you faced Darth Vader (and indeed, it had to have felt that way), it was a time of enormous struggle and tension.

As extreme as that period was for you, you will now get to experience the flip side - one that will be extremely positive!

And if you were one of the few readers who say those years were actually great years for you, you may have had a rising sign that was attracting favorable aspects for you, ones I cannot see from where I sit. All I can say is this: Your coming year will be even better! Capricorn rarely if ever complains, so if you thought 2003-2005 were great years, I want to say this loud and clear: "You ain't seen nothing yet!" (as your grandpa might have said!)

This month set your eyes on the important new moon, January 8, the day that key planets will be all set to roll into position. This will be your moment to shine. It will be your moment to state your desires and to launch endeavors that are dear to you, either personally or professionally. You often put the welfare of others ahead of your own, but this month, it's time to think about your own interests.

If your birthday falls on January 8 plus or minus five days, you will feel the benefic effects of this new moon with double strength.

Saturn, your ruler, will continue to retrograde until May 2, having reversed its orbit last month on December 19. Once Saturn is back on track in May, you'll feel like you've poked the pinata, for later this year even more fantastic goodies will rain down on your head. Think of the opportunities coming your way as a trend that will only grow bigger as the year progresses.

Speaking of retrograde planets, Mars has been retrograde since November 15 but will bolt direct on January 30. If you have tried to solve a home, family, or real estate-related problem, you may have felt as though you were struggling to walk against a powerful headwind that kept pushing you back. It was very hard to make progress.

Whether you wanted to sell a house, change roommate, locate that special piece of furniture, or sign off on the right contractor, since mid-November no home-related task proved to be exactly straightforward or easy. Finding options for an elderly parent you were trying to help would have been equally frustrating. After Mars goes direct on January 30, you'll find your efforts lead to more productive results, although not quite instantly.

Why not instantly? Just as Mars is about to go direct, Mercury will begin to retrograde from January 28 to February 17. That will mess up your timing, so you will have to sit tight.

This time, Mercury will retrograde in your 2nd house of salary and possessions. You may find that checks suddenly go missing or that vital paperwork you need to complete becomes tangled in red tape. If you are due child support, your ex may not be able to send checks on time, due to his or her sudden unemployment or other factors. If you expected checks from good customers, suddenly their lack of cash flow will affect you, too. You may need a backup plan to bridge this period financially until things normalize.

During the retrograde period, check your bank accounts and statements for possible computer errors - Mercury will retrograde in the digital sign of Aquarius. Keep alert for any possible attempt to steal your identity, too. You will need to back up your computer now as well. In fact, you may need to be more careful about sending the email to the wrong person. When you Xerox a sensitive, personal document, make sure you don't leave the original in the photocopier for others to find later. Be very careful not to lose your cell phone during this phase or any other key communication device. You may have to bring at least one item to the repair shop. (I really don't like to have to deliver this news!)

During this phase it would not be wise to move ahead on your home-related endeavor or to initiate any new plans, so don't accept a new career offer, start a new job, or sell a house during this period.

It would also not be wise to spend a great deal of money either, and certainly not on any electronic items like a new computer, flat screen TV, or car. You could find your purchase was a big mistake, a "lemon," or that it just doesn't deliver the benefits and pleasures you had anticipated. Either make your purchases prior to January 20 (leaving space of a few days before Mercury starts to go backward) or plan to go shopping in March.

Normally it would be fine to wait a few days beyond the date that Mercury is done retrograding (in this case February 17) and resume normal initiations. This time, however, you won't be able to do that, because February will be rife with cosmic static. Two eclipses will occur next month, one in Aquarius on February 6 and the other a full moon lunar eclipse in Virgo on February 20.

Alas, it's never wise to act on an eclipse but rather to respond to others' actions on an eclipse. In February's confusing atmosphere, it would be wise to first see what news the eclipses deliver before you make any key announcements. Your priorities are likely to change, so don't be too hasty. March will bring a calmer, more secure picture into play, so if you can't quickly initiate your key plans now, between January 8 and 20 (your best period), then wait until March.

You have one sterling day, when all sorts of news should please you to no end: January 21, when Saturn (your guardian planet) will receive a missive from Jupiter. It's a four-star day of the year, full of hope and optimism, and a day when you can lay the groundwork for long-term security. Use this day for any important meeting or action. We get very few of these sparkling aspects in a given year - this one is just made for you because your ruler will be both prominent and supremely benefic.

Were you born on December 28 or close to this date? You actually are in a perfect position to reap benefits galore. If you were not, you may have other planets at 7 degrees of an earth sign, so stay happy!

At the full moon, January 22, your financial 8th house of income and outgo will be highlighted, so you may get a check or have to write one. Unlike years past when you felt like a crocodile inside would snap at your fingers every time you opened your mailbox to grab your mail, this year will be different. Saturn has departed from its difficult place in your chart, and there's no need to fear your mailbox any more. You can deal with anything that comes up, dear Capricorn.

This month you may have enough money in your account to cover any bill that shows up - even with some to spare. If you find you do have some extra, treat yourself to a special birthday present. As a Capricorn, you rarely indulge in things like this, but go ahead - times are changing!

As if the universe has not provided enough of an array of delicious aspects for you this month, there will be one more at month's end to delight you.

Venus will be in Capricorn from January 24 to February 17, a time when you'll feel very social. You'll be particularly charming now, so go ahead - let friends drag you out of the house for birthday fun. This particular phase would also be excellent for finding flattering new clothes or to spiff up your appearance.

Your most romantic evenings include: January 7 - 8, 11 - 12, 16 - 17, 21, 24, 25, 29, and 31 - February 1.

Let's talk about the last two dates, which will be simply stunningly special.

On January 31- February 1, Venus and Jupiter will make their once-a-year romantic rendezvous in Capricorn and swirl across the gorgeous diamond-studded sky. Venus rules your 5th house of true love, and Jupiter is simply in charge of ALL your happiness, romantic or not!

This is due to be a truly fantastic two-day period - again, worthy of four stars! This one has your name written all over it. My goodness! Romance should be outstanding, and someone may have a very generous birthday gift for you too, dear Capricorn. Be happy! This is your year!


What a month! With Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, in your sign now for the coming year, you will have exceptional opportunities to realize many dreams you've long held but found hard to translate into reality. Although you are an ambitious soul, you seem ready to put your personal needs and desires ahead of all else these days. Good! You have all the planetary help you need to see a fantastic dream realized now. You are brimming with enthusiasm too, as well you should!

Give your ideas a passionate push, dear Capricorn, for the life ahead of you is about to improve radically. With Pluto, the master of transformation, now starting its headline-making move into Capricorn for the first time since the beginnings of the American Revolution in 1762, absolutely nothing will hold you back.

Since Pluto is positioned at the farthest end of our solar system, it takes this planet approximately 246 years to revolve around the Sun. That's why Pluto's visits to your sign are so rare - and special. Rare visits of planets are always noticeable and more powerful than commonplace ones. The influence that is on the way is completely new, as no one alive today has experienced Pluto in Capricorn.

Pluto may be small, but is considered one of the very most powerful of all heavenly bodies. Pluto doesn't work quickly, but gradually, so you'll need patience. Pluto will teach you to go about your plans slowly and methodically. You'll have the time - Pluto is not set to leave until 2023. This year, for the coming 12 months, good fortune Jupiter will act like a booster rocket to Pluto, helping you accomplish what seemed too daunting in the past. Moreover, Saturn, your ruler and planet of long-term gains, will support Jupiter and Pluto, a rather remarkable situation. The net result is that your New Year has all the markings of one of the most vital years of your life. Having Jupiter, the planet of gifts, in Capricorn would alone make it that, but you have that and so much more.

Your annual birthday gift, the new moon in Capricorn, will occur on January 8. The actions you take between January 8 and 20 will affect you for weeks and months to come, and very possibly you will be sowing the seeds for a lifestyle or endeavor that will be in place for a decade, or possibly forever. Your future is very literally in your hands, so begin to take steps toward a deeply held dream.

Here's more good news: You seem to have been concerned about a shortage of cash over the past two years, but the full moon on January 22 will prove to you that indeed, a new day has dawned. Your budget should open up, allowing you to buy at least one coveted item you've had your eye on in recent months.

Do not sign a final agreement at this full moon, however as Mercury and fuzzy Neptune will obscure facts. Talk but do not finalize anything quite yet. If you do, terms will be muddled, and as you move forward, you would encounter problems.

Another reason to delay formalizing your decisions and actions is that Mercury will begin more than three weeks of retrograde orbit on January 28, proving that this deal has not yet been thoroughly discussed and developed. Conditions around you are in flux and you will need to think dynamically. Mercury will not regulate its orbit until late February, so you'd really be wise to table the official signing of this agreement until early March if you can't do so earlier, on or near January 8 - 18, which will be your best phase.

Devise a long-range plan that will, in time, succeed beyond your dreams on one of this month's four-star days, January 21.

Big plans for your living quarters will finally hit the fast lane, now that Mars will barrel forward on January 30. Mars has been napping since mid-November, so if you were wondering why a home or family situation brought so little progress, you now know that Mars was to blame. Happily, Mars will stay in fine form for the coming nearly two years, so nothing should hold you back any longer.

Finally, just before the month ends, have something planned for January 31 or February 1. (Of the two dates, your stronger one will be January 31.) This will be a divine day, when all your fairies land on your windowsill and shower you with happiness and hope. It's sure to be a romantic, happy day, too special to spend alone indoors. It's a time to dance the night away, and if you're single, to meet someone special.

Happy birthday, dear Capricorn! The dark days are over and done, and starting now, you can push closed that old big heavy door on the past, lock the padlock, and throw away the key. You won't be revisiting those old days anymore. Hurry up! You've got a lot of living to do from now on, and no one deserves it more than you!

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Your January Horoscope by Susan Miller

Last year you started a whole new cycle, for Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, was in Sagittarius and encouraged you to spread your wings and show the world what you could do. The year 2007 was to be your golden year, and if you worked hard on your dream, you will now see it take flight in a very material, tangible way in 2008.

You may be saying to yourself, "Well, gee, um, I guess last year was OK, but maybe not THAT great!" Realize that you need to be a little patient. We hardly ever see results while we are in the trend, but later, afterwards, in hindsight, we realize that all the most important things in our lives started during that golden year.

Last month, on December 18, you entered into your second phase - the gestation period - when the seeds you sowed last year would begin to come up in your garden. The harder you worked in 2007, the bigger your crop in the coming year.

With a new moon appearing on January 8 in your 2nd house of earned income, you won't have to wait long to see financial reward. Soon after that new moon appears, it looks like you'll be hearing unexpected news about a new source of income or an increase from the source you have now. News will be unexpected because Uranus will work closely with this new moon, adding a certain thrilling element of surprise.

I've not seen a financial full moon this friendly in a long time, and considering how heavy your expenses have been since the end of September, this has to be great news! Saturn is currently retrograde, so after this taskmaster planet moves direct on May 2, you can expect even better financial rewards to come your way later in the year.

What's more, Pluto, the planet associated with wealth and power, is also heading to your 2nd house of income, which is stunningly good news for you too. To have Jupiter in this house alone would be headline news, but to have both, well, that is saying something! What's more, Pluto will ensure that the financial emphasis that you are about to see coming up now will not be a passing trend but one that will have real staying power - we are talking years here!

Pluto is a very powerful planet because it is found on the outermost regions of our solar system. The farther a planet is from the Sun, the longer it takes to circle the Sun, and the longer it gets to stay in each sign and in each house of the horoscope.

Good fortune planet Jupiter will spend a full year in your income sector (2nd house), until January 2009. Once Pluto gets settled into this same house it will stay a staggering fifteen years!

Pluto will make a brief appearance in your 2nd house of money and possessions on January 25 and then slide back into Sagittarius over the summer, later to return for good in November 2008. While Pluto slips back into Sagittarius it will still be helpful to you, of course. Pluto is, after all, the planet of regeneration and renewal, and you apparently are on a mission to build a new life and a new, more secure source of income. Rest assured, you've never had a better chance than now to build true wealth, and your main preview will come this month, at the new moon January 8 and the two weeks that follow it.

Phone calls and meetings should start cropping up on or just after January 8. Investigate all the offers being served up to you, for among them will be one or two with true staying power.

While all this is going on, up in your fame and honors sector (10th house, found at the very top of your chart) Saturn is helping you learn the ropes in a whole new industry or area. Saturn will demand that you be very realistic and may ask you to reorder your priorities. While it is apparent that things aren't exactly easy in your career, it is clear that what you are building is a whole new way of life.

Saturn will force you to follow certain standards and rules to the letter, and there may be some rather exacting, powerful VIPs around you who are hard to please. You won't have the full range of luck you had last year - this year you will have to be buttoned up, practical, and realistic about everything you do. You can't quite count on falling over, dusting yourself off, and going on as you might have been lucky enough to do last year. You'll have to pick and choose the battles you take on, and be strategically shrewd enough to know which ones you are likely to win.

Your work will be on display in a very high profile way, and you will be paid well. In return, higher-ups will expect that your work sell well, and that you will also conduct yourself with decorum at all times. You are being groomed for bigger things now, so more is at stake. You haven't heard me sound like this before, but I need to transmit this as clearly as I can in a kind way. Don't be frightened by this new trend, but energized by it.

Last year the market wanted your ideas. This year the market will value your productivity and efficiency. A different skill set is being called into play as you put the brilliant ideas you came up last year into action. You will need to concentrate and focus and learn to be more precise. Sagittarius is known to always expect the very best, but now if you predict a certain outcome, you will have to deliver on the goods, down to the exact decimal point.

Your sign is sometimes guilty of being overoptimistic, but now that could work out to be too much of a good thing. If you overestimate and over-dramatize what you can accomplish, you won't fool higher-ups. In time VIPs will begin to automatically discount your estimates and predictions by ten or twenty percent (or whatever rate seems appropriate). This is not something you want to happen.

With so many important planets to be moving in earth signs in the year ahead - Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto - enthusiasm will not be as valued as realism, reliability, precise accuracy, and productivity. This is a new trend, so rather than fight it, just go with it.

It may help to see the overall cosmic picture. Until now - for literally years - fire and air signs have dominated the nighttime sky. Your broad thinking, fresh ideas, and remarkable ability to rally the troops were your big advantage and explained why everyone wanted you in their corner. All these talents come naturally to you.

Now, with planets moving into earth signs, the balance of power is shifting toward those who control the budgets. While at first you may feel a little restricted or deflated by their exacting controls, realize that this new emphasis will get you something that you want and have worked toward - cold, hard cash! It's all for good, dear Sagittarius! You can step to this new beat!

If you have contracts or other important documents to sign, you need to hurry those along. Mercury will begin to retrograde on January 28 until February 17. It is never wise to sign a contract with Mercury in weakened condition, for later you will regret doing so, and you'll only have to renegotiate the contract anyway. The problem is that you cannot run up too close to these dates, as the very worst dates of a retrograde are always the front and back "bookend dates" that encompass the period.

What makes next month - February - complicated is that aside from Mercury retrograde most of the month, two eclipses are due too, one in Aquarius on February 6 and the other in Virgo on February 20. The second eclipse, an emotional full moon, will occur just after Mercury turns direct. Most lunar eclipses bring a measure of unexpected and somewhat nerve-jangling developments, and this time those will be trained on your career. It looks like a key female figure is departing, and that will change the picture enough to require an adjustment from you. It would be best not to announce any decisions until you know what the score is.

If you feel sure about making certain commitments in early January, go ahead and sign papers, but after January 20, adopt a "stop, look, and listen" attitude. Delay things because I need you to leave a little time and space before you get to Mercury retrograde, January 28. Plan to resume making your major announcements in early March.

I know it's hard to wait that long, but you will be glad you did. In February's smoke and mirrors environment, it will be hard to see what's real and what's not. By waiting, you will be proven remarkably right in your moves, and others will wonder how you managed to so deftly sidestep so many potentially adverse conditions that seemed right at the time.

In regard to relationships, the year could start off on a difficult note. Pluto in Sagittarius will be opposed to Mars in Gemini, a rather explosive, domineering aspect. You are likely to be taken back by the difficult impasse you find you find yourself in, but you need to make sure you don't throw the baby out with the bathwater on this incident.

There is some danger that you would come on too strong and lose the relationship altogether. Fortunately there is no full moon nearby, which would have only intensified already hot emotions. If you can, back off the issue and see if you can resume talks later in the month.

Speaking about Mars, Mars has been retrograde since November 15, and since then your social life probably has lost a bit of its zing. You will be happy to hear that all this will be corrected this month, on January 30, when Mars turns direct. See what happens around that date, for you should see a definite upswing in romantic activity.

You won't have to wait to the very end of the month to have a fun date night, however. One special day could work out to be January 19, when Venus and Mars will be in a particularly playful mood.

Now that January winds are blowing cold in many parts of the world, you may be aching to get to a warmer, sunnier spot. A full moon in fiery, luxury-loving Leo can provide the perfect antidote to winter blues. Falling in your house of foreign people and exotic places, you may be off on a jet plane for a sumptuous location far from home. This full moon will occur on January 22, and be operative plus or minus four days from this date. If you can go, do!

If you were born on November 23 you will have the very best luck with this lovely, made-for Sagittarius full moon.

Can't get away? Your mind will be hungry for a change in routine and new things to train your mind upon. You seem especially interested in learning and taking in cultural events, so sign up at the university for classes or attend lectures or workshops on a topic you are passionate about. Or, visit a few key exhibits by visiting museum exhibits, plays, concerts, and movies.

The month will end on a happy note. Each year, Jupiter meets with Venus, creating a very fortunate, four-star day for you to enjoy.

This year these two golden planets will meet in your financial sector (2nd house) on February 1, but in the USA, that will occur in the wee hours of the pre-dawn morning on the east coast. That's why I am saying that for all practical purposes, January 31 is your day. Happily, the moon will cooperate too, by moving through Sagittarius later on January 31, a sure sign this day will be special for you.

You may receive a raise, nice check, or gift. Work projects will go exceedingly well too, and you may pick up new business or exciting new assignments.

When Venus and jovial Jupiter are combined, these two are known to stir up luxurious social fun as well, so you may be invited to a fundraiser, charity event, or sensational party on that evening of January 31 or February 1. If you are, be sure to attend, as this date will stand out!

Most romantic evenings: January 4, 5, 9, 10, 14, 19 - 20, 22 - 23, 26, 30 - 31, and February 1.


This month you'll be strongly focused on financial arrangements, and your time will be well spent, for you'll see results. You may feel hesitant about asking for a raise so early in the year, but with Jupiter (good fortune), the Sun (authority), Pluto (power), Venus (money), and the new moon (that sets it all off January 8) all due to move through your earned income sector this month, you have the perfect month to speak up. It's clear you've earned the respect of VIPs. and they want to see you do well. So gather up your courage! Rewards are there for you if you ask.

The area of your chart that will be shining so brightly this month will have nothing to do with prize winnings or gifts. The money you see won't be won or found, but rather earned from your own efforts, yielding a powerful sense of pride. If you didn't get your raise just before the December holidays (possible) then you must speak up now. You won't have an opportunity this fine again for a long time. If self-employed, you can hike your fees higher now.

Romantically, if attached, a tense tug of war may take place the minute the New Year begins. Both you and your partner seem passionate about your respective views and will be unwilling to give an inch, as indicated by a tough opposition of Pluto, now in Sagittarius, opposed to Mars in Gemini on January 1 and 2. Although this altercation will most probably take place between you and a romantic partner, alternatively it could be with a business colleague.

If you feel the relationship is worth more to you than the matter at hand, try not to be too heavy handed. Give your partner some slack. If however, your partner reveals a side that you find deeply troubling, that's a whole other matter. In that case, this incident may mark the start of a parting of the ways. Try for a cooling off period first.

After you have come through January's first few days, your relationships will improve enormously. Venus will be in Sagittarius for most of the month, making you irresistible. Never underestimate the power of gold old-fashioned charm to get your partner (or adversary) to give you your way.

If you feel you feel you could use a new look for the New Year, schedule one while Venus tours your sign, January 1 to 23. And yes, this applies to YOU, my guy readers, too.

Mercury will turn retrograde on January 28 until February 17. This is a signal that you need to wrap up your most important matters early in January or be content to wait until March to resume activities. Mercury will be retrograde in most of February, and two eclipses will show up then too, not a time to make big decisions. Patience is not your forte, but you'll soon be proved right if you do choose to wait.

With all the negotiations and budgetary meetings you are likely to sit through this month, you will be anxious to fly the coop. Lucky you, the full moon will help you do just that! It looks like you'll either have a little extra cash in your pocket or a few dazzling invitations from friends to pack and go. Nothing makes you happier than to be zooming off to distant points, and on the full moon January 22, you will be able to do just that!

Mars' turn direct on January 30 will put back the sizzle in your social life from now on. Also, watch what occurs on many fronts when Venus and Jupiter meet up on your behalf on January 31 or February 1. Not only are you likely to hear some good news about money, but you are also likely to find yourself at a gorgeous social event, too.

It's clear that life as you know it is changing, but it's all for good, dear Sagittarius! You will have so much to celebrate!

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Your January Horoscope by Susan Miller

The year gets started on a tense note. Someone appears to be forcefully challenging you over money on January 1 or 2, and you'll be resisting them with all the energy you can muster. What makes the altercation unusual is that this person appears to understand how you tick and seems to be pushing all the right buttons. You may find yourself in a deadlocked situation with the only hope of resolution coming from an outside source who can arbitrate.

The problem will involve an issue that seems to have been going on for some time, but that reached a sense of urgency at the end of December. Mars will oppose Pluto, and since both are your rulers, this can be a fairly intense combustion of energy. If possible, put the other person off by asking for time to think. You need to take the sting out of this aspect and the only way I can see to do that is to let some days pass. Fortunately, this will be the only difficult time of the month.

January will provide us all with a preview of the year ahead because so many of the planets will be newly ensconced in Capricorn. Until now, the air and fire signs have had a hold on all the good aspects - slowly but surely, however, the earth and water signs have been gaining power. You, by the way, are a water sign, so this is exceptionally good news - almost miraculous!

With Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, in Capricorn as of last month (December 18, for a year), Saturn now in Virgo (as of September 2, for two years), and your ruler Pluto moving to Capricorn (on January 25, for an astonishing 15 years), you are coming into your own.

Capricorn and Virgo are earth signs that blend well with your water sign element. Add Uranus in Pisces, a water sign that has been in place since 2003, and you can easily see that most of the heavy-duty outer planets are now favoring earth and water signs. This is no small advantage. You are no longer going to play second fiddle.

Interestingly, the place most of the planetary emphasis will be going in 2008 for you - and in January in particular - will be to your 3rd house of communication. One way or another you will learn to communicate in a new way or in a new-to-you medium.

You and I talked about this last month when I listed a few examples to get you thinking. For instance, if you have always written memos, you may be asked to teach others your skills, placing you in the role of teacher, even if you work in a corporate setting. If you have always been a TV host, you may now write a book.

I keep thinking of the young Scorpio man I met last month who was in marketing but who is taking serious classes in stand-up comedy. With so much emphasis on the communications sector of his chart, I am betting that he will do well in his new venture. Think about how you can use this brilliant energy in a new way, for you will, too!

The 3rd house, where all the attention is going from now on, rules intellectual thinking, speaking, lecturing, teaching, studying, editing, research, and even traveling (in that regard, short distances). You may now take classes on creative writing or even learn a new language - Italian or HTML for computers. ALL writing and speaking is covered here. Do you want to join a candidate's campaign and learn to be a speechwriter? Be my guest. This is the year to do it.

If you are self-employed, consider launching an important advertising or publicity campaign now. New business would result! It's also the time to ask a designer to come up with your logo for your business, have a dye made for your personal stationery, or have your wedding invitations printed or your business brochure designed. Do a video for YouTube, set up a MySpace page, or put an ad on Craig's List. You can use this energy for big or small efforts - or both!

As you see, if you have always wanted to write a book or a screenplay, run your own radio show, design your own Website, or host a talk show, suddenly now absolutely nothing is impossible. If you debate someone, you are likely to be so prepared that you will run rings around this person.

Indeed, intellectually, you'll be at the top of your game now and in months to come. If you are a trial lawyer or work in any profession where coming across with wit and clarity is a benefit, you'll have it made. You have the "cards" you need to gain the winning advantage.

Electronic items fall under the 3rd house, where all the energy is being beamed, too. This would be a terrific month to buy a new computer, or other major electronic device, like a flat screen TV, iPod, or iPhone. Is there an item Santa didn't deliver? You can get it now. That includes a car - it looks like you'll need wheels in 2008, and January will be one of your best months to shop for one.

Not only will Jupiter help you succeed, but as of January 25, Pluto, your ruler, will too. The last time Pluto changed signs, it was 1995. Pluto won't stay in Capricorn all year. Like most big planets when they make monumental moves, they make an appearance in a certain house, stay a while, and then retreat when they go retrograde. Pluto will leave briefly over the summer but will return in late November 2008, when he will stay for good - fifteen years - in this, your communication house. The fact that Pluto will move signs and is one of your planetary rulers means that your focus, and even your sense of identity, will be bound up with this new effort.

Travel to nearby towns will be very satisfying this month, and this time, travel seems not to be done as much for business as for fun, to see friends. The trip will be a quick, short one, but possibly have a touch of luxury and pampering about it - you should go! Your best weekend to go will be January 12 - 13, when the moon will be in one of your ideal places, Pisces.

If you were born on or within five days of November 8, you will benefit from the friendly new moon's excellent energy that will arrive on January 8. What makes this month so exciting is that the new moon will send Uranus a special beam, suggesting that lucky breaks will abound, and surprise communications are likely to come to you from many sources. If you need to make a settlement or agree to a contract or plan of action, you are likely to be pleasantly surprised with how things shape up. This is a really good month for you, Scorpio!

Your career will bring interesting news on January 22 when a full moon brings talks to fullness. You may get a very prestigious job offer, or special praise or promotion from your present boss. After two years of having coped with pressures from Saturn, this will be a nice moment to sit back and pat yourself on the back. You have come very far and that will be obvious now. You have every reason to be proud.

There will be lots of activity at month's end.

Mercury will retrograde from January 28 to February 17. Earlier I wrote that you might want to buy new communication gadgets or a computer - even a car. We also talked about the possibility that you would sign a contract or settlement.

However, with Mercury about to turn retrograde, you must buy your items or sign your deal between January 8 and 20. If you cannot do so by then, I would say to act in March. Still, I am not happy with that trade-off because your best aspects for these activities are now, between January 1 and 20.

February brings a month of Mercury retrograde and two eclipses, February 6 and 20. I would not want to you to buy anything expensive then, nor agree to anything vital while so much cosmic dust will be kicked up. February will be too unstable to initiate actions, so be patient as you watch and wait. You will likely need to shift a few priorities in February, quite unexpectedly.

Mercury will retrograde in your home and family sector, suggesting that increasingly, your home will become more of a focus in the weeks ahead. You may have to do needed repairs or reorganize your space. If you are trying to sell your house, you may have to factor in delays or even a buyer's change of mind. If this should happen, know that this was not the right buyer - you probably are lucky you broke free.

Also at month's end, Mars will finally go direct after having been retrograde since November 15. This is especially good news for you, for it means you can move forward on a lot of your projects and endeavors that have been mired in red tape. Although everyone will enjoy seeing Mars move forward, you will benefit doubly, because Mars is your ruler.

Since Mars is in your house of other people's money, if you have been pulling your hair out over a negotiation that was going nowhere fast, this change should speed things up. Day-to-day assignments will go a bit better, too.

The month ends on a fantastic note. On January 31 and February 1, Venus will conjunct Jupiter in one of the year's loveliest annual events. Ideally, you will be able to use this to be with a partner and to go away on a sweet little trip for two. I would love to see you take a long weekend, from January 31 through February 2, if possible. If your birthday falls on October 31 or within a few days of this date, you will be doubly lucky. Promise to take a little trip, dear Scorpio!

Romantically, those dates, January 31 and February 1, will be your best. This month puts so much emphasis on communication, talking, and writing that it would probably be best to confine your sparkling romantic moments to clever text messages and midnight phone calls. You might meet someone now and want to stay up until dawn talking about all kinds of things in a 24-hour coffee bar.

As a feeling Scorpio, you won't be content with that, of course - you'll want something more sensual. Here is a list of your best dates, but realize this month won't be spectacular in this department. You may have to be content to wait until early March, but in the meantime, give these dates a try: January 7, 11 - 12, 16, 21, 29 - 31, and February 1.


Now that the holidays are over, you'll feel a certain sense of liberation. You have more options for what you can do with your free time than you did in December, and one of those options will be to hop in your car to visit friends and close relatives in the pretty, quaint nearby towns and cities or to kidnap your sweetheart and design a divine trip for two to the snowy countryside.

If you feel your car is on its last legs (or perhaps more appropriately, last wheels), with the Sun, Jupiter, and (soon) Pluto, and Venus warming your transportation and communication sector, you might consider stopping by a dealership to browse new automobiles. You seem to have the right touch for negotiating a good deal for a new one. All machine purchases will be favored, including the acquisition of a new computer, flat screen TV, or other electronic device. Since Mercury will retrograde beginning January 28, it would be wise to finish up your negotiations and purchases between January 8 and 20 for best luck.

At the office, your work has come to the attention and favor of higher ups, a truth that will be obvious near the full moon, January 22. For two years you labored under Saturn's stern direction, and by now, just when you thought no one in power had noticed or appreciated all that you did, professional rewards will flow to you. Assuming you've worked hard and smart, this full moon will help to place you in the coveted corner office. Speak up early in the month, and within four days of January 22 the new job should be yours.

In terms of finances, Mars opposition to Pluto could cause a heated disagreement with a partner, banker, or investor about money in January's first week. An influential authority figure, relative, or soon-to-be-ex seems bent on convincing you to accept certain financial terms and conditions that you don't want and are resisting with all your might. Your only option may be to walk away and refuse to negotiate for a few days. A cooling off period would work in your favor.

Scientists say that couples fight more about money than any other topic, and this month, that may be true for you. Knowing this, you may be able to head off tensions. If you are trying to settle a divorce, however, this tense atmosphere - strongest in the first few days of January (but not exactly easy the rest of the month) - would make it wise to wait until March to finalize things, if you can.

At month's end, Mercury will retrograde in your home sector, from January 28 to February 17. It's a great time to reorganize closets or install a new system in your existing ones, and to generally make repairs on machines that have shown evidence of wear and tear. Most people find a trip to the repair shop part and parcel of a Mercury retrograde period, especially when Mercury retrogrades in the digital-sign of Aquarius.

Mercury, the planet of communication and electronics may retrograde, but your guardian planet, Mars, is about to awaken on January 30. This will help you enormously, for finally you will see projects that have been on the side burner for two months show strong signs of life. You appear to have been dealing with people abroad in business or academia, too, but the holidays interrupted your talks. After January 30, all will start up again as if there was never a pause.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Your January Horoscope by Susan Miller

Recently I was at the home of a Libra, and as you could guess, it was beautiful. Spacious, gracious, up to date, and well maintained. I complimented Miss Libra on her amazing taste and how beautifully she kept her multi-bedroom penthouse apartment. She surprised me when she turned and said, "Are you kidding? I need to refurbish this place from stem to stern. The bathroom floor is sinking, the foyer wall is starting to show cracks, and the living room needs a fresh coat of paint."

Let me hastily add that this particular Miss Libra was born with several Virgo planets, so small flaws that the casual observer would never notice distress her. Whether or not you are just like Miss Libra, you will have an extraordinary opportunity in 2008 to make your home precisely as you imagine it to be.

Last month, Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, moved into Capricorn on December 18 for the first time since 1996. Jupiter will remain in this part of your chart a full year. It takes Jupiter twelve years to circle the zodiac, because Jupiter spends one year in each of the twelve zodiac signs.

Here is your chance to make the kind of changes you've always dreamed of doing! You can do things on a big scale (move, remodel, or renovate) or on a small scale (buy new furniture, electronics, fresh linens, and china). You can choose! Jupiter will bring you bargains and exceptional opportunities the rest of us just won't get. While you are being showered with such dazzling vibrations, take full advantage!

You can also make repairs, thoroughly clean and paint, reorganize your closets, buy special boxes and filing containers to make finding things easier, improve the lighting, change the colors - whatever you desire!

While you will have Jupiter at your side all year, January will be your BEST month because you will have a very beneficial new moon to get your project in motion. We only get one new moon a year in each of the twelve parts of the horoscope and the one coming on January 8 will fall in this very area - your house of home!

One male Libra recently told me he was looking forward to this trend. "I just broke up with a long-term girlfriend and I was devastated that it was over. After a period of intense examination about what happened, I began to look at my life - and my home - with new eyes. I suddenly realized nothing about my apartment showed that a successful adult lived there. I plan to pull this place apart and completely redo it. It's time it looked like me."

Indeed, our environment continues to give us feedback about who we are. It's not always easy to see what our homes look like if we've been busy working or traveling or are absorbed in childcare. We become a little dulled to our environment and sometimes it takes a life event to have us take a look. Now you will have a chance to make changes large and small. They will not only improve your morale, but that of anyone who lives with you.

Jupiter is known to expand everything it touches, so chances are, you will have more space than you did before, always a lovely prospect. If you move, Jupiter is known to expand everything it touches. If you move, you are likely to find a beautiful, very large space with a view and good closets. The price of the house you buy or the rent you pay will probably be more than you anticipated, but will represent such a good deal for the money that you will take it. I would agree with that!

The 4th house is not only the house of home - your physical space - but also rules the people you live with. You may find that someone with whom you've shared your space moves out, such as an ex-spouse or older child, and that's the reason your space seems to expand so much. As you see, you need not move to enjoy this feeling of spaciousness that I see in your chart. Of course, you may also decide to toss out things or reorganize furniture, which would also bring you more room.

Begin to look at your options just after the new moon appears, January 8. You will have two weeks in which to do so for best luck, but your strongest energies will occur at the front part of this period.

This is also an excellent time to announce plans, sign estimates and leases, and get plans rolling. Are you buying or selling a house? Perfect timing!

Speaking of family, try not to get into hot water with a relative when discussing a controversial topic on January 1 or 2. With Mars in your house of ideas and attitudes opposed to Pluto in your house of communication, you are likely to touch off a nuclear reaction. You'll not see this coming and may wonder later what precisely you did. It won't be easy to back out gracefully once you ignite things, so keep that in mind!

Later in the month, when your home-related plans begin to shape up, you will have Venus in your house of home, from January 24 to February 18. Wow, with the Sun, new moon, Jupiter, Venus, and soon Pluto to be going through your 4th house of home, there's almost sure to be home or family-related news, all of it very positive!

I recently told a business publication that the housing market would be depressed in the United States until October 2008 while Saturn remained in Virgo. I added, however, that this would be true for every sign EXCEPT Libra, who is as lucky as a Leprechaun with any type of real estate. Normal rules don't apply to you in 2008! You will lose this advantage next year, but while you have it, use it!

Your home will bring you years of pleasure as long as you don't sign anything or make any decisions when Mercury is retrograde.

Mercury WILL retrograde soon, from January 28 to February 17. Always keep a space of a minimum of three days prior to the start and after the end dates of the retrograde. That means you should not work up too close to the January 28 date, nor jump on signing documents on February 17 or 18. You CAN move - that is fine to do during Mercury retrograde as long as you mark all the boxes clearly.

Normally you would be able to act a few days later, but next month we have a full moon lunar eclipse at the end of the retrograde period on February 20 in Virgo. Until you know what that will bring, it's best to watch and wait.

Getting back to your home situation, Capricorn rules older structures and antiques, both of which you'll have luck with now. An old farmhouse may have great "bones" that could be turned into a comfy weekend retreat, or a turn-of-the-century brownstone townhouse could turn out to be a great investment.

If you love to go antiquing, be my guest, for this year you are likely to uncover some amazing finds.

If you have been a caretaker for an elderly family member, know that this year your mother or father is under excellent protective vibrations. If your parent was ill, your beloved relative is likely to show improvement in 2008. If you followed my mother's illness in 2007, you know that miracles happen all the time. (My Little Mom, as I call her, is 88 and was in intensive care for four months last year with pneumonia and MRSA. She's completely recovered - leaving all the doctors shaking their heads in amazement. Never give up!)

Here's more remarkable news for you!

On January 25 Pluto will enter the same part of your horoscope - your house of home - when it enters Capricorn for the first time since 1762.

Like most major outer planets when they move into a new sign, they enter and then retreat when they go retrograde. Pluto will enter on January 25 but begin to retrograde in April and finally slip out of Capricorn in June. During that time you will get a preview of this awesome planet's energy. When Pluto enters Capricorn on November 26, 2008, Pluto will stay for a stunning fifteen years.

Now you may wonder: Why does it take so long for Pluto to get to Capricorn? Could it be that Pluto does not like Capricorn? Oh, no, sure he does! It's just that when Pluto goes into a sign, he stays a really long time!

Pluto spins on the very edge of our solar system. It takes Pluto 246 years to do a complete revolution around the Sun and the zodiac, so that accounts for why you have never experienced Pluto in your home sector before this.

Pluto is tiny but very powerful, for in a chart he rules complete and total transformations and rejuvenation. The last time Pluto entered Capricorn it was 1762, and he was instrumental in triggering the American Revolution!

During the coming years, your home may undergo many startling changes. Pluto rules the tearing down of structures, so you may literally tear down walls and fix up, sell a parent's house for them (and thereby say goodbye to a childhood home you grew up in), and make a number of radical changes in time.

Your spirit will be affected by this transit too, in that you may re-examine childhood experiences to see why you do certain things as an adult, or have certain irrational fears. Pluto asks us to plumb the depths of our soul, and there are few places in the chart as deep as the 4th house. If you want psychotherapy, it would be beneficial during this long phase of Pluto, but even if you don't, you are likely to come to new, enlightening conclusions.

If you feel that you have been too dependent on one or both of your parents, you will begin to pull away from being that way and begin to stand more on your own. This may be triggered from within or due to outside circumstances, but the result will be to strengthen you - a good feeling.

After thinking about your home situation, you might need a really fun night out, and the universe has cooked up the ideal time for you - the full moon, January 22. Falling in Leo, this full moon on January 22 will be deliciously luxurious. Whatever you do at the full moon in friendly Leo, you'll experience a feeling of being pampered at that time. Only the best will do, so you'll love this full moon, no matter what you do!

If you were born within five days of September 24, you will benefit most from this lovely full moon.

Mars will go direct this month on January 30, after having been retrograde since November 15. This will help you see travel plans fall into place, especially ones that have been delayed. However, since Mercury will be retrograde at the time Mars goes direct, you may want to be cautious. Mercury rules communication, contracts, commerce, transportation, and shipping, so you may want to buy an open return ticket to keep things flexible. It would be a good time to go on vacation, because you'd avoid all the delays happening back home!

Do not buy any electronic items when Mercury is out of phase, as it is considered the very worst time to do so. Avoid buying a car or anything with moving parts, too.

This time Mercury will retrograde in Aquarius in your house of love, so you may see an old flame now, or even try for reconciliation. If you are with a partner, you may go back to a question that never really was resolved. If you have children, you may try for a school that your child couldn't get into before - now there may be room because someone else had to drop out due to a change of plans. Opportunities come up when Mercury retrogrades, so it's not all gloom and doom!

Romantically, love will bloom brightest at month's end, after the Sun moves into Aquarius and lights your house of true love.

One day prior, on Saturday, January 19, Venus and Mars will team up to bring you a sizzling romantic episode. Be sure to be sure to be out and about.

Next month, in early February, you have truly fantastic aspects for fun and love, so if you don't find that January is bright enough, be patient! Cupid is being dispatched as we speak, and single or married, all will benefit. Also, as said earlier, the time around the full moon January 22 should please you, for that full moon in Leo will be sensationally social. It seems you will be among many friendly faces, some brand new to you - always a fun prospect for a Libra.

The month ends on the very best aspect possible for you. Venus, your ruler, will dance with Jupiter, making at least one dream of yours come true. This will be all about you - your desires, dreams, and wishes. These two benefic planets will waltz in Capricorn, in your house of home, so a fantastic home-related opportunity could come up on January 31 or February 1. (These two planets meet in the wee hours of the morning, making January 31 the more important date.) It would also be an ideal day to move into a new space.

Venus conjunct Jupiter is a once a year event that could encompass more than just home-related matters. When your ruling planet is involved, she will act like a guardian angel - you can expect good news about money and regarding one deeply held desire that may materialize now, either spiritual or material in nature. What a fantastic forecast you have, dear Libra!


The holidays may be over, but you're in the mood to extend the fun. Why stop socializing? It appears you're not about to stop! Just the opposite - you're just cranking up. With the pressures of holiday gift shopping over, you can now relax and enjoy yourself. Besides, you may have a little extra cash in your pocket to spend on your home.

Sign up for home-related seminars, attend fairs and bazaars, and cut out photographs of rooms you love from magazines. Even a small corner detail or artfully arranged group of objects that you see in a photograph can trigger a great idea for your space. If you begin your home-related project, big or small, just after the new moon January 8, you will have all the cosmic support you need to transform your home into the chic showstopper you have in mind.

With Pluto about to enter this space on January 25 until March 2024, you'll have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to revitalize your home now and in years to come. This part of your life is about to become an increasingly important focus, so start paying attention to other people's homes and those you see in the media. You'll be a mini-Martha very soon.

Keep in mind that while all YEAR will be outstanding for home renovation and improvement, including a move, this month rates a "10" because the new moon on January 8 will take all the energies of all the planets traveling through your home-related house and push them into action. You NEED a new moon - this month you have it!

Once the Sun moves into Aquarius on Sunday, January 20, you will see romance take flight in the four weeks that follow. If life has centered you a bit too much on current tasks lately, that all will change. January 19 should be good, as Venus and her lover Mars should spice things up beautifully, and fortunately, that's a Saturday.

The last ten days of January would be ideal for a vacation, as Mars continues to urge you to expand your horizons and explore the world with the eyes of a curious child. Next month, Mars will leave this lovely-for-Libra placement, so at January's end, while all conditions are still so right, fly to a place where BlackBerrys are unknown and cell phones never ring.

Mercury will retrograde from January 28 onward and bring slowdowns even earlier, so it's not as through you will miss anything if you stay home! Just find a ticket with an open return to keep things flexible and enjoy your trip to the fullest. Yes, they will all freak out at the office when you're gone (they are supposed to!) but you'll be on a white powdery beach, with turquoise waters, and the most important thing you'll have to do all day is put on sunscreen. How sweet is that?

Put a big gold star on January 31 and February 1. Venus and Jupiter will meet, bringing you all sorts of wonderful blessings in relation to your home and money. You may get news of an attractive mortgage, or a good price on a kitchen or bathroom renovation. Whatever it is, you'll be smiling, and rightly so!