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Taurus (April 20- May 20)

Taurus (April 20- May 20)

Your January Horoscope by Susan Miller

Spread your wings and fly, dear Taurus, because the year ahead will offer you an unusual opportunity to broaden your thinking and your goals in an impressive, courageous way. Lots of new interests are likely to spout up as you meet many new people from diverse backgrounds, including a number of distinguished individuals who come from a wide variety of professions. Exciting travel, study, and developments in foreign lands are sure to thrill you. This is a wonderful trend that is just starting to emerge this month and that will stay with you for years.

Part of this exciting upcoming trend is due to Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, which moved into your 9th house last month on December 18. Jupiter will remain here until January 5, 2009. Your 9th house is called the house of big sky and wide horizons, for it is where we stretch toward lofty goals and where we learn to see the world in much larger terms.

You can expect to see impressive growth in one or more of the following areas: international relationships, distant travel, higher education, publishing and broadcasting ventures, or in the area of philosophy, theology, religion, and/or spirituality. This same 9th house area also rules the courts, and if you have a case pending that is coming up for a decision, you'll be in luck, for you'll be favored. Jupiter will see to it!

All the areas of life mentioned will be particularly strong this year, but doubly so in January because you will have not only Jupiter in this important solar 9th house, but also the Sun and new moon there too this month. In regard to the new moon, watch January 8 and the days that follow it for opportunity and good news to flow to you in a rather unexpected, even haphazard or strange way. Your 9th house will form an important hub from now on, and happily you will see the truth of this almost immediately!

If you are wondering how such diverse subjects as philosophy, travel, the courts, and publishing could be grouped together in the same house as, say, travel or publishing, the answer is that this house rules information, study, and intellect. This house is the repository not only of higher learning but also where we deliberate about the information we are given, and where we assess it and possibly later dispense it to others in a new way, through writing, speaking, or teaching. Hence, the 9th house is about drawing in information data and dispersing it, but after it is assessed for truth, balance, and attitude. Taking in information and giving it out is not necessarily linked - it could be one or the other, or both.

No matter how this important trend affects you, you will find that your intellect is sharpened, and your curiosity and need for adventure will be high. This will be true throughout all of 2008, but especially now, thanks to Jupiter's appearance in this house, along with the Sun and new moon, January 8.

But wait! There is another planet moving into this house VERY soon, one set to stay a staggering length of time there - PLUTO!

This is the first time in your life that Pluto has been in Capricorn and your solar 9th house, so the influence will be brand new. Pluto will initially enter on January 25 this month, and stay until April when Pluto will retrograde back out of this house. In November 2008 Pluto will be back in this house (and in Capricorn), this time to stay for good - for a remarkable 15 years! Pluto, spinning on the outermost part of our solar system, takes the longest to circle the Sun of any planet - approximately 246 years to go through all 12 signs. That's why you have never had this influence before and why this will be a long trend, not a passing fancy. Think of a horse running on the outside of a circular track - he will have a longer distance to go than the horse on the inner track. The longer a planet stays in a house, the more indelible the experience.

Pluto's job is to transform all that it touches, so in this sense, Pluto will gradually revitalize your intellectual understanding of the world around you. You will update your attitudes and opinions by seeing issues not in simplistic terms but in more fascinating, intricate facets. You will interact much more with people of foreign birth and differing backgrounds in the future, introducing another fresh influence to your sphere. You will profit from these associations too, materially or spiritually, or both.

In all, it's obvious that you will be drawn more closely into the world of ideas and concepts, and mix more often with successful people who are determined to make the world a better place. These new friends and associates may be from politics, the arts, theology, or academia, as a few examples, and will represent a very diverse group, but they will be linked in spirit by their need to think deeply about the issues of our times and come up with practical, usable solutions.

This is a very lofty and idealistic part of the chart that is about to be emphasized for you, so it is clear that you will be inspired enormously by this coming trend. Pluto does not act upon a chart suddenly but gradually. Nevertheless a lot will be required from you throughout the time Pluto spends there. Pluto will ask that you show plenty of passion, determination, and focus. You are up to that, for sure.

What's more, Jupiter and Pluto will be in a fellow earth sign like yours, Capricorn, which means these two powerhouse planets can help you in a very direct way.

Those with Taurus birthdays that fall in April will feel the benefits first - now - but rest assured that all will benefit in time.

Jupiter's stay is shorter than Pluto's (one year versus fifteen years) but since Jupiter is the good luck planet, let's put our focus on Jupiter for now, for that is where you are likely to see results first.

Let's take pursuits to get a higher education first - a terrific goal for you in 2008. Since Jupiter, the good fortune planet, is traveling through your lofty 9th house this year, you may decide to go to college to get a bachelor's degree or to return for a post-graduate degree. If so, your timing could not be more perfect.

Jupiter will give you an advantage for getting admission to your favorite university and could possibly even bring good news about a scholarship or financial aid. Moreover, if you do opt for more education during this once in twelve-year cycle of Jupiter, down the road you would likely increase your income substantially. This holds for post-graduate degrees, too.

If you are finished with your formal education, in 2008 you will also be encouraged to advance your career by taking special seminars or weekend workshops to learn about new developments. The same positive outlook would apply to you, too - signing up would be the best idea.

If you are a college professor, or an instructor for adult continuing education on some scale, you may take classes too this year, or, even more likely, you will find that in 2008 you grow in academic stature in your chosen field. It would be an ideal year to publish an important paper, thesis, or book, or apply for a grant to do important original research.

You may also benefit from publishing and broadcasting opportunities in 2008, and if this interests you, seek out your options this month on or just after the new moon, January 8. If you are an author, look into book deals this month, or if you write for the press, suggest a regular column that you could contribute on a regular basis to a newspaper, magazine, or Internet site. Investigate syndication deals, too. If you have an idea for a TV show or screenplay, show your ideas to others. These types of deals will also be blessed.

If you are an editor, fact checker, publicist, or agent, or work in marketing, you will benefit as well, for Jupiter will see to it that your services will be valued. Keep in mind that your best clients will be overseas or domestically, in cities very far from yours, say, the distance between Los Angeles and New York as one example.

The 9th house, the area so shining for you, is also the part of the chart where we ask the truly big questions in life. What can I do to contribute to the world? How can I make a difference? How can I get closer to God? What is my vision of heaven? I have just given you a few examples, but there are many possibilities. January would be an ideal month to take a spiritual retreat or to stay in the quiet countryside to meditate about the larger questions in life and to possibly journal your observations.

This year you may be surprised with the satisfying answers you come up with over time. The deeper you delve, the fresher the answers that will surface. You may change your mind about a political candidate or issue you were feeling strongly about as your mind opens up to additional possibilities.

Ancient astrologers always felt that another way of learning was through travel, which is why international travel is covered in this house and would be so sensational for you in 2008. Think of Marco Polo bringing news of other lands wherever he went - that will be you when you come back and excitedly share your adventures with friends and family.

You might say you prefer to stay closer to home, but this year allow your curiosity bubble up. Spin the globe, gather up your courage, and pick an exotic foreign locale you've always wanted to visit. Jupiter will make it all possible, so look for travel bargain packages and other trips that your club may be offering. Your trips would be quite exciting. You could be forever changed by an important, magical trip you take in 2008.

Your ability to pack and go will be very strong now, just after the new moon, January 8. This sweet new moon will wink at Uranus, so opportunity should come to you suddenly, quite out of the blue. As a pragmatic Taurus, you like to plan, do research, budget, and so forth, but this month I am asking you to throw all your usual caution to the wind and simply GO. Open yourself up to opportunity, dear Taurus. This is a rare set of beautiful aspects, and all kinds of good things will flow from any trip you take.

If obligations keep you home for now, think about planning an important trip for late December 2008.

If you were born on or within five days of May 7, you will benefit most from this beautiful, expansive new moon and the opportunities that flow from it on January 8 onward. Watch to see what happens!

This month, not only is fortunate Jupiter well angled to the new moon but also to Saturn, the planet of longevity, now touring your 5th house of romance and creativity. One or both of these areas will benefit you, and travel seems to be what links both. You need fresh stimulus to jumpstart your imagination, and a trip to an exciting foreign city could do the trick.

Jupiter and Saturn will be in perfect mathematical harmony on January 21, sure to be a day when your creative spirit will soar. Your ideas will have excellent staying power then too, because they will be based in real-life realities.

Your home life will be your main focus, as you get closer to the full moon, January 22. If you choose to travel, do so from January 8 onward, but you will need to be back by January 22, for sure. There are many ways this full moon may work out for you, ranging from large to small.

You may decide to reorganize possessions and banish clutter, or you may buy a handsome new piece of furniture or electronic item. You may choose to do repairs and needed maintenance, or you may do a full out renovation. In fact, you may even move to a new address.

Alternatively, you may be focused on one of your parents at this time. Either way, you'll need to be home to address whatever comes up.

Keep in mind that Mercury will retrograde from January 28 to February 17, not a time to make any key decisions. Don't sign a lease, buy anything expensive (especially not any electronics like a flat screen TV or computer, as two examples), or shake hands (or sign) on any new ventures. The situation will be very fluid and certainly not one that will promote sound decisions. Later you will wish you had waited, if only you had known what was to come. That is not to say the decision would necessarily be bad, just different from what you expected, and you may be passing up a better opportunity in your haste.

Mercury will retrograde in Aquarius, ruling all things digital, so be sure to back up your computer and install any new software early in January as FAR away from January 28 as possible. If you received a new computer for Christmas last month, you should plan on setting it up in the first week of January to avoid any potential problems.

Career projects and talks will be put on hold for a while, giving you extra time to think through them to rout out possible flaws.

I like to keep a space of many days between the onset and end dates of Mercury retrograde because that is when Mercury is on his worst behavior. When Mercury retrogrades, we make faulty decisions and experience problems with miscommunications and forgetfulness - yours and that of others. We change our minds and experience delays, postponements, and cancellations, so it often adds up to a frustrating time.

Do yourself a favor and don't make any big decisions until after Mercury is out of retrograde. Also, be sure not to act too close to the start or end date of the retrograde either, January 28 or February 17, for that is when Mercury acts in the wildest, most difficult way. Two eclipses are due (February 6 and 20), so I would like you to first see what news they bring before you make big announcements. As you see, this leaves with almost no wiggle room in February. Be patient - you can get what you want if you just bide your time. Wait to see what this eclipse brings and plan to make your most vital moves in March.

Financially, this month things will begin to look up. During January's last week, Mars will turn direct after being retrograde since November 15. This will help your finances rise, always heartening news. Cash will begin to flow in again, so there's no need to fret about all those holiday bills that are being stuffed in your mailbox.

Romantically, when Venus enters Capricorn on January 24, you will have outstanding support for matters of the heart. As Venus edges closer to Jupiter on February 1, you will have a big, very special day to circle on your calendar, worthy of four stars! I mention it now, in case you don't get your February forecast soon enough to take full advantage!

Actually, the whole slew of days in the last week of January will be bright for you, so circle all the days from January 29 onward in red! If you can deal with the occasional annoyances of Mercury in retrograde, you will see that things are certainly going your way, and matters of the heart seem especially exciting. I don't want you to act on opportunities yet, but to savor the good news that comes in. Ask questions and investigate! If an opportunity is truly good, it will have staying power.

Venus is your ruler, so in that regard, Venus will see that ALL things that you desire will be favored. Money, health, love, travel - the works! Use the time around January 31 and February 1 for any important meeting. You should see impressive progress.

This link of Jupiter and Venus is an annual event, but these two lovely planets haven't met in fellow earth sign Capricorn in over a decade - and that's why this time is unusually special. Travel would be an ideal way to use the last days of January. With Mercury retrograde, this might be one time you would want to revisit a place you always loved but have not seen in ages. I know that's not what I suggested for early January, but the days near January 31 and February 1 are different and could be memorable and even sentimental.

Your most romantic days this month include: January 6 - 8, 16 - 17, 25, 29 - 31, and February 1.


An opportunity will soon be offered to you that will allow you to travel or develop and participate in a new venture that is global in scope. It should be quite thrilling. See what comes up just after the new moon, January 8 or in the days that follow.

You are entering an exciting period where the perimeters of your world will be redrawn and widened. Your thinking will become more sophisticated and eclectic, and you won't be as likely to see issues in stark terms of black or white but in multi-shades of the whole color spectrum. Your perspective and understanding about certain political, religious, and other topics are about to broaden considerably and you may change your mind about a stance you've held for a long time.

Consider going back to the classroom for more education, such as an advanced degree or series of seminars, for your mind is hungry for more stimulation and knowledge. If you do, your timing will be on target and you will see a quick rise in income from your studies within a year.

Taurus is a sign that often likes to hunker down indoors, but this month you'll be on the road, extending your influence in many circles. Meeting, greeting, mixing, and mingling with others will be good for you. Not only will you have a charming effect on others, others will have a rejuvenating effect on you. You'll enjoy the new interests you pick up through your many rounds while traveling and socializing.

By month's end, after an invigorating month of travel, study, and the discussion of new ideas, you'll redirect your gaze toward your private life - your home and hearth.

The full moon on January 22 will urge you to finalize a real estate or renovation plan, reorganize closets, or order repairs of your space. If you aren't doing a major refurbishing plan or move, you'll be in the mood to show your flair for entertaining. You may want to try your hand at international cuisine, especially if you traveled earlier in the month. Recalling the fun you had in Paris, Kyoto, or Bangkok by serving up something you tasted and loved while away would be a wonderful way to extend happy memories of your trip.

With Mercury retrograde from January 28 onward, you will need to show that famous Taurus patience of yours, but if you do you will be rewarded. Look to see what February brings and announce your biggest initiations in March. You'll be glad you waited!

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