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Aquarius (January 20- February 18)

Aquarius (January 20- February 18)

Your January Horoscope by Susan Miller

It's a brand New Year, and as you get closer to your birthday you are aching to start something new. If you are to believe the media, the only New Year's resolution on your mind is to lose weight, and while that might be true for you, you seem anxious to achieve something else too, something deeper and more all-encompassing. You want a fresh chapter to start soon, but to make this desire materialize, you will have to do a little preparation first. Start now, and you will have all year to do so. What's coming is most likely to be one of the best years of your life - one to take seriously!

In December, Jupiter moved quietly into your 12th house, putting you on a direct trajectory for your best and most successful year of your life - in 2009. Capricorn holds that title now, having been crowned celestial favorite last month for the coming year. This year you will prepare for your year, to arrive in early January 2009. The more you prepare, the better it will turn out to be. The first thing you need to do is find some obligations to offload or relationships to free yourself of, for if your life is too crowded in 2009, you will have no space to fit in all that's new.

You will need to articulate as clearly as possible what you'd like to accomplish by the finish of 2009. That is not always an easy question to answer. Sometimes it's easier to start with what you don't like and certainly don't want more of in your life. That's usually easier to see, and easier to distance yourself from if you need to do so. We outgrow goals, sometimes before we even accomplish them, so before you put one on the list, make sure you still are passionate about getting your desire.

For example, if your mother-in-law often needles you about little imperfections she perceives in you, try not to have too much contact with her for a while, if that's feasible. If your job is driving you to distraction, vow to find a new, better position, one that uses your talents to their fullest, by the end of the year. If you feel you need more education but have no idea how to pay for it, start investigating what options you have, for nothing changes one's status and lifestyle as surely as having the right education.

Sometimes we have several things that we'd like to change on our list, but changing them all would be completely overwhelming. Avoid the bleed effect - where everything seems wrong. It's usually due to one area of life that's so painful that it's causing a domino effect into other areas.

Jupiter is now in your 12th house, so if you think about things, your instinct will lead you to the one area that you would like to add, fix, improve, or jettison completely to feel instantly better.

Jupiter's new presence in your secret 12th house suggests that there are one or two individuals around you who will want to help you in a quiet, confidential way. In fact, you may not even know yet that you have the attention and interest of a powerful benefactor who has singled you out as a winner and who would be glad to speak on your behalf.

If you would like to talk things over with a professional such as a life coach or psychotherapist, the best time to schedule a first session would be on or shortly after the new moon in your subconscious sector, January 8. You can also use this wonderful new moon to get the right help to finally end a self-destructive habit. Uranus will be in gorgeous angle to this new moon, bringing innovative ideas to the surface. Rapport with your professional should be unusually smooth at this time too, and that includes bringing your subconscious thoughts to the surface easily and naturally so that you can more effectively see success on your goal.

On a completely different topic, Uranus' involvement with the new moon on January 8 also suggests that you may hear good news about money either immediately or within a few days (two weeks at most). This would be money you earn as salary, not money you win, so no need to buy lotto tickets!

Speaking of salary, something very special appears to be bubbling up in your career these days, and this could turn out to be one of the most exciting areas of your chart this year.

Think back to career conversations or actions you took last month near December 9 or 11. Those may lead to some mighty big gains for you in time - keep your eye on the area you were focusing on then. The time of the full moon, May 19, 2008, will be a key point for your career too, a time when you will see the blooming of many talks you are having now.

Jupiter and Pluto, two big players in the equation that adds up to career success for you, are past their conjunction point - that happened last month, on December 11 - but both are still orbiting in close proximity in January, giving you a superb ability to make your mark. Continue to be optimistic about new opportunities, especially ones where you can put your stamp of individuality on it. Also included in this trend will be an ability to make a difference in a charity, humanitarian, or political way.

Creatively, you've been coming up with a stunning array of gems lately, but with Mars retrograde since mid-November, you probably found it hard to get new projects off the ground. It's apparent that one of your ideas has solid profit potential but that you need the support of VIPs to get it going. Lately those very higher-ups have come off as aloof or vague or have been missing in action. Most (if not all) of those frustrations will melt away once Mars goes direct orbit on January 30. Watch the days that surround January 30 for clues that things are about to get on track again.

If you need funding for a creative project, you have a sterling day to schedule a confidential meeting, January 21. This will be one of 2008's most sensational days, a four-star day when Jupiter (good fortune and expansion) will send a key communication to Saturn (long-range planning). The plans you set in place at that time could take you far into the future.

If you have important papers to sign, you can do so on this day just mentioned, January 21, or any day that comes before this date in early January.

Once you get to the full moon in Leo, however, you must be ready to tie up all loose ends in all areas of your life, for Mercury is about to go retrograde.

This also is a full moon in your relationship sector, so either be ready to form a warm commitment or goal with your romantic partner, or conversely, clear the air about an issue that has troubled you.

This full moon seems much sweeter than any you've seen in recent years, so I feel the outcome would more likely be positive than negative. Old Saturn is now finally out of Leo for the first time in two years, so the problems that used to plague you simply won't be a factor any more. In fact, these issues won't even come up. If you were getting along with your partner, you may have been concerned about your partner's welfare or health.

You may get engaged or married at this time, or simply make big, bright plans for the future.

Alternatively, you may seal an important alliance with a business associate on or very near January 22, and if so, it would be a very propitious time to do so.

If you were born on January 22, or close to this date, you will feel the effects of this full moon more potently than other members of your sign.

As mentioned, the day before the full moon, January 21, will be simply magical thanks to the cooperative efforts of Saturn and Jupiter, so if you plan on making a commitment, do so on January 21, if possible. Whether you make a personal or professional promise at this time, either way, it is likely to be in place a very long time - joyfully so.

As said, you need to hurry things along, because Mercury will be retrograde in Aquarius from January 28 to February 17. While Mercury retrograde always acts up like Dennis the Menace, he gets really out of control on those start and end "bookend" dates. Stay as far away from those bookend dates as possible - a week sounds right.

Looking ahead to February, we will have two eclipses coming your way, one in Aquarius - a friendly new moon solar eclipse - on February 6. Later, we have a more difficult full moon lunar eclipse in Virgo on February 20. Until you know the news that these eclipses will deliver, once you get to January 22, put a halt to any decision making. You can resume normal activity in March.

I might add - without giving the plot away - that the February 6 eclipse will be fabulously positive for you, a true gift from the universe! It will almost certainly shift your plans and priorities. I will go into that eclipse in more detail next month, but suffice to say that you should not fear what's coming - you will want to embrace it!!

Romantically, as said earlier, this could be a banner month for some Aquarians, as the full moon is about to bring feelings to a very full point.

If you are single, that full moon may not apply to you. In that case, you have other things going for you because Venus will be in a socially prominent place in your horoscope almost all month, until January 24.

The happy feeling you may have experienced over the holidays, mixing with friends, will continue, thanks to Venus' supervision. Mars will remain in your divinely romantic 5th house too all month - you won't have to come back to a pressured office grind in January so your reentry into everyday life should be fairly gentle.

As mentioned earlier, Mars will be retrograde until January 30, at which time it will gather steam, and so will your love life. In the meantime, you may consider contacting an old sweetheart to see if you can make a "go" of things again. Whether you can is not clear, but with Mercury going retrograde in Aquarius too, it appears you will be doing a lot of reflecting, and that alone is a positive development. If you need closure from a certain person you used to date seriously, you certainly should call to arrange a meeting. After that, you'll know best how to proceed.

A home-related matter could bring a big, happy breakthrough on January 31 or February 1, thanks to the pairing of Venus and Jupiter in an exquisite once-a-year event. You might have a truly beautiful piece of furniture delivered at that time, or if you need a roommate, have one move in that you'll find you blend with well.

Venus is all about beauty, and Jupiter, expansiveness, so if you go apartment / house hunting, or if you move on one of these two days - January 31 or February 1 - you would likely commit to a large, beautiful space, one that you would love forever. Mercury will be retrograde at the time, so be certain to sign papers or complete your purchase earlier, no later than January 21 or 22.

Venus rules your house of home, but Venus and Jupiter will meet up this month in the most private, sentimental, and secret part of your chart, your 12th house. If your friends want to arrange a blind date, schedule it for January 31 or February 1. Another sensational idea - give a party at home and you'll be the hit of the social scene. With Venus waltzing with Jupiter on these days, you'll be a hit! My goodness, this could be as good as it gets!

Your best romantic evenings: January 4 - 5, 9 - 10, 14, 18 - 19, 22-23, 26 - 28, 31, and February 1.


January - and through much of 2008 - will find you in a pensive mood. You seem to need more time off by yourself to reflect on your future without the distraction of friends and family. You appear to be looking forward to this time. It looks as though the holidays were active for you and you also need a little rest.

A vacation taken now would be ideal. Rather than make it one that requires lots of sightseeing or sports, choose a soothing spot in a sumptuously beautiful locale, like Hawaii, the Greek Islands, or Bali, to fully decompress. Can't go that far? A lovely weekend in a snowy cottage in the woods, one with a fireplace and wood burning stove, would suit you just fine too, especially if you could go along with someone you find easy going.

Quiet pursuits such as writing poetry or essays, photography, film, design, sewing, reading, composing, or playing music would allow you to find your center. Your friends know you are the ultimate social butterfly, but this year with Jupiter, the Sun, and later in the month Venus and Pluto, touring your house of privacy and creativity, you seem to know you need this time to sit, think, and envision a better future.

The year after this one - 2009 - will be your biggest and most important in over a decade. That's when Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will enter Aquarius for the first time since 1997. To get the full benefit of this rare and special trend, ancient astrologers wrote about the value in taking stock. Decide what needs to stay in your life, and what should go. What do you want more of, and what would you be glad to see less of? What exactly would you like to happen in your wonder year, as well as in the next ten years to come?

These questions aren't hypothetical ones. This year you will have the power to change things so you need to leave open some space for the universe to fill. These answers are important and shouldn't be rushed. You have all of 2008 to fully develop your list.

In the coming year, others may assume that it is "life as usual" for you, for they won't see many radical shifts or dramatic announcements just yet. You will know better. The most important changes in our lives often are first conceived in our minds and hearts, as wishes, dreams, or desires that we choose to act upon. If we can "see" in our mind's eye our new reality, we can make it happen. This is the process you will be working on in 2008.

All meetings and actions that take place behind closed doors now will benefit you. That includes all types of activities, from meeting with perspective clients and employers, to health professionals and coaches, and to creative work you do on projects dear to you. Alternatively, at work you may be ready to launch a new service or product that will demand the utmost secrecy. These types of endeavors do well for you now, so if this resonates with you, know you are on the right trail.

This whole year to come will also be ideal for giving up a bad habit. It matters not what it might be - spending too much money on things that don't matter to you, nibbling on cookies at night and leaving crumbs on the bed sheets, or failing to return library books - you name it, we all have one thing we would all like to delete and replace with something better. Jupiter, now in your 12th house, can see to it that you find a way to turn over a new leaf. You may work with a coach, read a self-help book that changes your perspective, or simply find the inner strength to say "enough!" and change. Make steps to end your habit on January 8 or in the days that closely follow that date.

Mercury will retrograde from January 28 to February 17. Since Mercury will retrograde in Aquarius, you'll feel the effects a bit more strongly than most. Prepare for delays and changes, and take it all in stride. Mercury retrograde will give you time to go back to previous projects that you are passionate about but put aside months ago, with happy results. Don't start anything new, but if you have something you want to go back to, it's the right time to do so.

On the full moon, January 22, your partner will need your full attention, but this time, it looks like the news will be excellent. You've had your share of partnership woes, but now that Saturn has departed from this part of your chart in September (after a two-year stay), those difficult days are over. In case you are concerned that you may experience a replay of those years, you won't, as Saturn is not due back to that place in your chart for nearly three decades into the future.

On this full moon, you may make plans to wed, or draw up plans for the future if you're already wed. Some may choose to use this energy to form an important business alliance.

If single, Mars will be your friend all month, for you'll have an exceptional opportunity to meet new romantic partners, and one may truly catch your eye. Even though you will be home a bit more than usual, the time you do spend socializing seems to be highly productive. Mars will be retrograde, so you may decide to go back to someone you used to know to find out if you can make a go of things now. No harm in that. Once Mars goes direct, your social life will zoom into high gear.

One day you may want to have a blind date: January 31 or February 1. These days are sparklers, for sure! If you don't want to have a blind date, this would also be a sensational date for a party in your home. All sorts of social and home-related projects will reach a pinnacle point, a day to enjoy to the fullest!

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