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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Your January Horoscope by Susan Miller

Last month, and even for months prior to December, it appeared you were worked to the bone, but starting in January, you'll get a chance to lighten up and have a little fun. The pounding pressure to be efficient and productive is lessening, so you'll soon enjoy having a chance to kick back and simply breathe. Admittedly, you will have to get past January 1 and 2, two potentially tough days, before even the smallest sign of relief shows up, but it will, and that's what matters.

There's a new, vital influence starting up that will allow to you to enjoy solid help from partners from now on. This means you won't have to continually feel like you're swimming in high seas alone all the time. In 2008, you'll have someone at your side to support and advise you, and to suggest ideas - this could even be someone who will help you get ahead financially. This is a big change from years past, for others will provide you with a true sense of comfort and security. If you go through any tough times in the future, you'll have someone to stick up for you in various parts of your life - and that, indeed, seems new.

This person may be a romantic partner or someone you are linked to in a business way. In the latter case, you may hire an agent, manager, publicist, business partner, lawyer, accountant, or someone else, such as an architect, decorator, stylist - even a doctor, psychiatrist, or physical therapist. This person seems to be a new addition to your life, but not necessarily. It could be someone you've been tied to in a formal way but who hasn't quite been there for you, but now is, in spades!

If you ARE the agent or publicist, for example, the talent you represent would be the person indicated in your chart now. It is clear that one of the talents that you represent now (or soon will) is about to take off like a rocket, providing you with much financial prosperity.

If you are dating, 2008 will be the best of twelve years to get married. Actually, conditions may move you in that direction even if as recently as a few months ago you weren't ready.

If you are already married, your partner will begin to do well, and years of sacrifice that you both may have had to put in toward achieving certain goals seem to be behind you. Sunnier skies are ahead, dear Cancer. Your partner will be more attentive and responsive, and will be more optimistic too, perhaps the best quality of all, for an optimistic attitude bodes well for your future together.

As you may have guessed, this trend will apply to both personal and business relationships, and is not limited to one person. You can have both! Chances are that you may have signed a contract together, and since even marriage is a contractual agreement, it explains why all types of serious relationships fall in your 7th house of partnerships.

Jupiter, planet of gifts and luck, recently moved into your partnership house when it entered Capricorn last month on December 18, 2007. Jupiter will stay here until January 5, 2008. This is terrific news, for not since 1996 have you had this wonderful help. January is extra special because Jupiter won't be alone - he will be joined by the Sun and new moon, and later, from January 24 to February 18, Venus. Venus's presence in this house indicates a very smooth relationship, and if it's romantic in nature, a close, passionate coming together of two souls.

There is even more to be excited about when it comes to partners! Pluto, the tiny but powerful planet that spins on the outer regions of our solar system, will make its monumental move into Capricorn - and to this same 7th house of partnership - on January 25. This is the first time since 1762 that Pluto has taken up residence here, so that's news. Pluto moves very, very slowly, taking approximately 246 years to circle the zodiac. This year, Pluto will retrograde out of your partnership house for a few months at midyear, but will return in late November 2008 and be set to stay there for fifteen years!

Pluto rules transformations of all kinds, so it appears that the alliances you set up this year will be good for you and could even help you transform your life for the better forever. You will attract powerful types in the future, people of power and influence who know how to help you, especially financially.

Pluto will also look for weak links and ask you to fix them, so if your marriage or partnership is not sound, you will soon see cracks that you will need to fix. If you decide the problems you share are not repairable, you would be more likely than ever to leave the relationship forever. With Pluto there is never a middle course, for Pluto is the planet of "all or nothing." Yet Pluto exerts its power very gradually - not like Uranus, which is sudden, and not like Saturn, which is confining - so you will have time to make your decisions.

For now, look to the developments that come up as of the new moon, January 8, plus ten days, and see what you'd like to do. The closer your discussions fall to the new moon January 8, or that closely follow, the better. Since this new moon will be so beautifully angled to Uranus, the planet of surprise, the opportunity will come up very suddenly and in a surprising way.

There is some indication that your partner may have a background very different from yours, or may be based in a foreign country. You may need to travel to see this person this month, or, you may simply be on the phone or email all the time with your partner, perhaps because you will be working together on an import - export deal, or having your written work translated into a foreign language, as two of many possible examples.

The closer your birthday falls to July 9, the more strongly you will be able to benefit from the developments that this new moon will bring.

In matters of romance, it is clear that Cancers who have a partner will benefit most. If that does not describe you, know that from now on you will tend to meet potential romantic interests who are substantial - people who have had the time to make their mark on the world. You will attract professional types as well as very educated partners, so keep being optimistic.

Most romantic dates: January 8, 11 (afternoon), 12, 16, 21, 29, and 30

By the third week of January your mind will turn to finances. The full moon, January 22, could bring a need to pay off holiday bills. Fortunately, Saturn is no longer in your money house, so you seem to have a better handle on money than you did over the past two years. Oh gee, I am not saying this will be an exactly joyous full moon (there will be pressure to write a check within three days of this date), but I see that you can get through it, and that you see that things are gradually getting better.

At the very same time that this full moon appears, there will be something else going on in the sky, namely a particularly beautiful interplay between Jupiter and Saturn that is quite rare. Whatever you are doing on this day, it appears that you will be setting up a plan for your long-term security. It would be a terrific day to sign a contract, for again another partner - a partner of sorts - seems to be so very beneficial to you. Have a meeting, give a presentation, or investigate a plan with your lawyer. This is a four-star day!

In terms of your career, you've probably felt stymied. Mars has been retrograde since November 15, making any sort of progress difficult. Mars rules your natural 10th house of career status and promotion, and when any planet retrogrades it becomes weak and less able to help you. If you feel a bit stuck in your career, the good news is that Mars will go to full throttle direct speed on January 30 and stay that way the rest of the year.

Right now, Mars has slid backwards into Gemini, but as of March 4 and continuing until May 9, Mars will move through Cancer, and that will be the sweetest time of the year for you, for you will be able to direct Mars' energy as you please. This will be a wonderful time to move assertively on a career goal, so plan your meetings for this phase, and have your resume and other materials ready.

Your home life has a few ups and downs, but you are about to get an important cosmic boost on one of the year's rarest and most lovely aspects, due February 1, although you may feel the benefits sooner, on January 30 or 31. Jupiter will conjoin Venus in their bewitching annual meeting. Since Venus naturally rules your 4th house of home, you can see a breakthrough in regard to domestic, real estate, or family-related matters at this time. This day is worth four stars, so although technically this day falls on February 1, I want you to know about it now. It truly sparkles!

Not only will your home life benefit at this time but so will a close relationship. This aspect is so extraordinary that, for some, Valentine's Day will come early, on February 1. With both Venus and Jupiter linking in your partnership / marriage / engagement sector, all you need to do is step back and let nature take its course. You may pop the question or your partner may, but either way you may soon be shopping for rings. Of course this may also be asserted in a business partnership way, with lots of lucrative potential.

When Mars moves direct on January 30, you'll start to see your career take off. Mars rules your fame and honors sector, so the Red Planet's dalliance in retrograde since November 15 has put the brakes on your progress. No more - from January 31 onward, when it comes to your career, it will be full speed ahead.

Mercury will retrograde, however, from January 28 to February 19, so while opportunities come up, you'll still have to proceed cautiously and methodically. Plan to sign vital documents in early March for best results, no sooner, and don't make any important decisions just yet. It's a time to do research and have talks - not to decide.

It is a little ironic that just as your career is taking off, thanks to Mars' turn to direct speed on January 30, you will find that Mercury, planet of communication, contracts, commerce, agreements, negotiations, transportation, and shipping, will go retrograde from January 28 to February 17.

Mercury will retrograde in the digital sign of Aquarius in your house of joint finances and other people's money, so you will have to keep watch over your credit cards and bank statements, lest an error be made, or worse, someone tries to steal your identity. If you are owed money, you may be dismayed to see your payment delayed. In this case, the check will not be in the mail, so you'll have to send frequent reminders. If you sign or agree to any business deal, it will have to be renegotiated later, so you might as well save yourself the trouble and talk later.

While Mercury is retrograde it will not be wise to buy a computer or any other electronic item, nor to put any new software into your computer. It's best to do so in early January or in March.

Since it is never a good idea to take a new job when Mercury is retrograde, even though Mars, newly regulated, will be busy generating offers and opportunities, you need to wait. Stop, look, and listen, dear Cancer. Although you will be biting at the bit once Mercury goes direct on February 17, you need to hold off.

February will bring two eclipses and you will want to see what they bring before you announce any new plans. (One, arriving February 6, will be very helpful to your finances.) So be patient, dear Cancer!


With Jupiter, planet of happiness, expansion, and outright good luck, now touring your marriage sector along with a plethora of other heavenly bodies, you may be busy now making plans to wed. If it turns out that you are about to wed in January, you will have chosen one of the best months of all of 2008 to walk down the aisle - do so any time after the beautiful new moon on January 8. That new moon will also signal Uranus, so you'll probably be quite surprised about how events unfold. You will, over what happens nevertheless!

Moreover - more good news - on January 24, Venus will float into your relationship sector for a month, bringing reasons for joy, love, and kisses, and more, from a partner. It should be a remarkably happy time if you've been dating.

If you haven't, you can count on meeting up with more substantial types. Your new partner may be a doctor, entrepreneur, professor, or other educated, distinguished, or prominent person, as Jupiter will see to that.

Already wed? Then you will benefit from the good fortune of your spouse this month. Your partner appears to have done very well recently (or soon will) and as a result, you'll have a chance to do lots of new things together, such as travel (possibly overseas) or upgrade your living situation.

If neither case seems plausible (you're not married, nor do you feel you will be soon) then you can use this magical, beneficial energy to open serious talks about a proposed business alliance with someone you know possesses the credentials you need. If you do, you are likely to get better than expected results. Alternatively, you may decide to hire an expert to help you get your business to the next level, or your health, or some other part of your life.

If you are an agent, you are in luck, for one or more of the people you represent will blossom beautifully, bringing you the potential for profits for years to come. Business partnerships, alliances, and joint ventures of all kinds will be blessed in 2008, and you seem to be setting up those relationships now. Do so well in advance of the turn of Mercury retrograde on January 28 or wait until March.

Finances will need your attention at the full moon January 22, and alas, the holiday gifts you so generously bought will now show up on your credit card statement. This may seem like a dreary moment, but due to a well placed Sun and Uranus early on (near January 6), you may be lucky enough to have earned a surprise windfall - and find you can cover much of what you owe. More money seems destined to come to you in February, so keep calm. The best is yet to come!

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