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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Your January Horoscope by Susan Miller

Last year you started a whole new cycle, for Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, was in Sagittarius and encouraged you to spread your wings and show the world what you could do. The year 2007 was to be your golden year, and if you worked hard on your dream, you will now see it take flight in a very material, tangible way in 2008.

You may be saying to yourself, "Well, gee, um, I guess last year was OK, but maybe not THAT great!" Realize that you need to be a little patient. We hardly ever see results while we are in the trend, but later, afterwards, in hindsight, we realize that all the most important things in our lives started during that golden year.

Last month, on December 18, you entered into your second phase - the gestation period - when the seeds you sowed last year would begin to come up in your garden. The harder you worked in 2007, the bigger your crop in the coming year.

With a new moon appearing on January 8 in your 2nd house of earned income, you won't have to wait long to see financial reward. Soon after that new moon appears, it looks like you'll be hearing unexpected news about a new source of income or an increase from the source you have now. News will be unexpected because Uranus will work closely with this new moon, adding a certain thrilling element of surprise.

I've not seen a financial full moon this friendly in a long time, and considering how heavy your expenses have been since the end of September, this has to be great news! Saturn is currently retrograde, so after this taskmaster planet moves direct on May 2, you can expect even better financial rewards to come your way later in the year.

What's more, Pluto, the planet associated with wealth and power, is also heading to your 2nd house of income, which is stunningly good news for you too. To have Jupiter in this house alone would be headline news, but to have both, well, that is saying something! What's more, Pluto will ensure that the financial emphasis that you are about to see coming up now will not be a passing trend but one that will have real staying power - we are talking years here!

Pluto is a very powerful planet because it is found on the outermost regions of our solar system. The farther a planet is from the Sun, the longer it takes to circle the Sun, and the longer it gets to stay in each sign and in each house of the horoscope.

Good fortune planet Jupiter will spend a full year in your income sector (2nd house), until January 2009. Once Pluto gets settled into this same house it will stay a staggering fifteen years!

Pluto will make a brief appearance in your 2nd house of money and possessions on January 25 and then slide back into Sagittarius over the summer, later to return for good in November 2008. While Pluto slips back into Sagittarius it will still be helpful to you, of course. Pluto is, after all, the planet of regeneration and renewal, and you apparently are on a mission to build a new life and a new, more secure source of income. Rest assured, you've never had a better chance than now to build true wealth, and your main preview will come this month, at the new moon January 8 and the two weeks that follow it.

Phone calls and meetings should start cropping up on or just after January 8. Investigate all the offers being served up to you, for among them will be one or two with true staying power.

While all this is going on, up in your fame and honors sector (10th house, found at the very top of your chart) Saturn is helping you learn the ropes in a whole new industry or area. Saturn will demand that you be very realistic and may ask you to reorder your priorities. While it is apparent that things aren't exactly easy in your career, it is clear that what you are building is a whole new way of life.

Saturn will force you to follow certain standards and rules to the letter, and there may be some rather exacting, powerful VIPs around you who are hard to please. You won't have the full range of luck you had last year - this year you will have to be buttoned up, practical, and realistic about everything you do. You can't quite count on falling over, dusting yourself off, and going on as you might have been lucky enough to do last year. You'll have to pick and choose the battles you take on, and be strategically shrewd enough to know which ones you are likely to win.

Your work will be on display in a very high profile way, and you will be paid well. In return, higher-ups will expect that your work sell well, and that you will also conduct yourself with decorum at all times. You are being groomed for bigger things now, so more is at stake. You haven't heard me sound like this before, but I need to transmit this as clearly as I can in a kind way. Don't be frightened by this new trend, but energized by it.

Last year the market wanted your ideas. This year the market will value your productivity and efficiency. A different skill set is being called into play as you put the brilliant ideas you came up last year into action. You will need to concentrate and focus and learn to be more precise. Sagittarius is known to always expect the very best, but now if you predict a certain outcome, you will have to deliver on the goods, down to the exact decimal point.

Your sign is sometimes guilty of being overoptimistic, but now that could work out to be too much of a good thing. If you overestimate and over-dramatize what you can accomplish, you won't fool higher-ups. In time VIPs will begin to automatically discount your estimates and predictions by ten or twenty percent (or whatever rate seems appropriate). This is not something you want to happen.

With so many important planets to be moving in earth signs in the year ahead - Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto - enthusiasm will not be as valued as realism, reliability, precise accuracy, and productivity. This is a new trend, so rather than fight it, just go with it.

It may help to see the overall cosmic picture. Until now - for literally years - fire and air signs have dominated the nighttime sky. Your broad thinking, fresh ideas, and remarkable ability to rally the troops were your big advantage and explained why everyone wanted you in their corner. All these talents come naturally to you.

Now, with planets moving into earth signs, the balance of power is shifting toward those who control the budgets. While at first you may feel a little restricted or deflated by their exacting controls, realize that this new emphasis will get you something that you want and have worked toward - cold, hard cash! It's all for good, dear Sagittarius! You can step to this new beat!

If you have contracts or other important documents to sign, you need to hurry those along. Mercury will begin to retrograde on January 28 until February 17. It is never wise to sign a contract with Mercury in weakened condition, for later you will regret doing so, and you'll only have to renegotiate the contract anyway. The problem is that you cannot run up too close to these dates, as the very worst dates of a retrograde are always the front and back "bookend dates" that encompass the period.

What makes next month - February - complicated is that aside from Mercury retrograde most of the month, two eclipses are due too, one in Aquarius on February 6 and the other in Virgo on February 20. The second eclipse, an emotional full moon, will occur just after Mercury turns direct. Most lunar eclipses bring a measure of unexpected and somewhat nerve-jangling developments, and this time those will be trained on your career. It looks like a key female figure is departing, and that will change the picture enough to require an adjustment from you. It would be best not to announce any decisions until you know what the score is.

If you feel sure about making certain commitments in early January, go ahead and sign papers, but after January 20, adopt a "stop, look, and listen" attitude. Delay things because I need you to leave a little time and space before you get to Mercury retrograde, January 28. Plan to resume making your major announcements in early March.

I know it's hard to wait that long, but you will be glad you did. In February's smoke and mirrors environment, it will be hard to see what's real and what's not. By waiting, you will be proven remarkably right in your moves, and others will wonder how you managed to so deftly sidestep so many potentially adverse conditions that seemed right at the time.

In regard to relationships, the year could start off on a difficult note. Pluto in Sagittarius will be opposed to Mars in Gemini, a rather explosive, domineering aspect. You are likely to be taken back by the difficult impasse you find you find yourself in, but you need to make sure you don't throw the baby out with the bathwater on this incident.

There is some danger that you would come on too strong and lose the relationship altogether. Fortunately there is no full moon nearby, which would have only intensified already hot emotions. If you can, back off the issue and see if you can resume talks later in the month.

Speaking about Mars, Mars has been retrograde since November 15, and since then your social life probably has lost a bit of its zing. You will be happy to hear that all this will be corrected this month, on January 30, when Mars turns direct. See what happens around that date, for you should see a definite upswing in romantic activity.

You won't have to wait to the very end of the month to have a fun date night, however. One special day could work out to be January 19, when Venus and Mars will be in a particularly playful mood.

Now that January winds are blowing cold in many parts of the world, you may be aching to get to a warmer, sunnier spot. A full moon in fiery, luxury-loving Leo can provide the perfect antidote to winter blues. Falling in your house of foreign people and exotic places, you may be off on a jet plane for a sumptuous location far from home. This full moon will occur on January 22, and be operative plus or minus four days from this date. If you can go, do!

If you were born on November 23 you will have the very best luck with this lovely, made-for Sagittarius full moon.

Can't get away? Your mind will be hungry for a change in routine and new things to train your mind upon. You seem especially interested in learning and taking in cultural events, so sign up at the university for classes or attend lectures or workshops on a topic you are passionate about. Or, visit a few key exhibits by visiting museum exhibits, plays, concerts, and movies.

The month will end on a happy note. Each year, Jupiter meets with Venus, creating a very fortunate, four-star day for you to enjoy.

This year these two golden planets will meet in your financial sector (2nd house) on February 1, but in the USA, that will occur in the wee hours of the pre-dawn morning on the east coast. That's why I am saying that for all practical purposes, January 31 is your day. Happily, the moon will cooperate too, by moving through Sagittarius later on January 31, a sure sign this day will be special for you.

You may receive a raise, nice check, or gift. Work projects will go exceedingly well too, and you may pick up new business or exciting new assignments.

When Venus and jovial Jupiter are combined, these two are known to stir up luxurious social fun as well, so you may be invited to a fundraiser, charity event, or sensational party on that evening of January 31 or February 1. If you are, be sure to attend, as this date will stand out!

Most romantic evenings: January 4, 5, 9, 10, 14, 19 - 20, 22 - 23, 26, 30 - 31, and February 1.


This month you'll be strongly focused on financial arrangements, and your time will be well spent, for you'll see results. You may feel hesitant about asking for a raise so early in the year, but with Jupiter (good fortune), the Sun (authority), Pluto (power), Venus (money), and the new moon (that sets it all off January 8) all due to move through your earned income sector this month, you have the perfect month to speak up. It's clear you've earned the respect of VIPs. and they want to see you do well. So gather up your courage! Rewards are there for you if you ask.

The area of your chart that will be shining so brightly this month will have nothing to do with prize winnings or gifts. The money you see won't be won or found, but rather earned from your own efforts, yielding a powerful sense of pride. If you didn't get your raise just before the December holidays (possible) then you must speak up now. You won't have an opportunity this fine again for a long time. If self-employed, you can hike your fees higher now.

Romantically, if attached, a tense tug of war may take place the minute the New Year begins. Both you and your partner seem passionate about your respective views and will be unwilling to give an inch, as indicated by a tough opposition of Pluto, now in Sagittarius, opposed to Mars in Gemini on January 1 and 2. Although this altercation will most probably take place between you and a romantic partner, alternatively it could be with a business colleague.

If you feel the relationship is worth more to you than the matter at hand, try not to be too heavy handed. Give your partner some slack. If however, your partner reveals a side that you find deeply troubling, that's a whole other matter. In that case, this incident may mark the start of a parting of the ways. Try for a cooling off period first.

After you have come through January's first few days, your relationships will improve enormously. Venus will be in Sagittarius for most of the month, making you irresistible. Never underestimate the power of gold old-fashioned charm to get your partner (or adversary) to give you your way.

If you feel you feel you could use a new look for the New Year, schedule one while Venus tours your sign, January 1 to 23. And yes, this applies to YOU, my guy readers, too.

Mercury will turn retrograde on January 28 until February 17. This is a signal that you need to wrap up your most important matters early in January or be content to wait until March to resume activities. Mercury will be retrograde in most of February, and two eclipses will show up then too, not a time to make big decisions. Patience is not your forte, but you'll soon be proved right if you do choose to wait.

With all the negotiations and budgetary meetings you are likely to sit through this month, you will be anxious to fly the coop. Lucky you, the full moon will help you do just that! It looks like you'll either have a little extra cash in your pocket or a few dazzling invitations from friends to pack and go. Nothing makes you happier than to be zooming off to distant points, and on the full moon January 22, you will be able to do just that!

Mars' turn direct on January 30 will put back the sizzle in your social life from now on. Also, watch what occurs on many fronts when Venus and Jupiter meet up on your behalf on January 31 or February 1. Not only are you likely to hear some good news about money, but you are also likely to find yourself at a gorgeous social event, too.

It's clear that life as you know it is changing, but it's all for good, dear Sagittarius! You will have so much to celebrate!

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